Humanity: The World Disciple

Humanity, the world disciple, stands at a crossroads today. The familiar and ‘comfortable’ surroundings of age-old practices, rituals, and lines of thought are receding. Ahead lie uncharted waters. It is a specter of the unknown to most, a vision of hope to some, and to a few a recognition that we are moving out of one great divine zodiacal cycle into another, presenting greater opportunities in furthering the evolution of the race.

Nationalism, separative thought, and the weight of materialism still obstruct the free flow of divine energy throughout the planetary Whole. The challenge before us is therefore clear and unequivocal – to aid the human family to respond more fully to the light and love of Hierarchy.

Through meditation and the written and spoken word, we can help to concretise the abstract, anchor the inner realities, and give life, form, texture, and quality to the new inspirations, the seeds of hope, that emanate from the lighted realms. Nothing can arrest their descent, appearance, and ultimate expression in the outer world, but they can be delayed, if the thought life of humanity is too polarised towards the material. Human free will will decide the outcome of these profound issues, and the group of world servers will play a crucial role in these unfolding events. Goodwill is the key that will release humanity into a golden age of creativity, beauty, and light.

With each passing generation, the battleground of human conflict moves away from the physical/etheric and astral realms towards the mental levels. The realm of visionary ideas and truths are the tools in the armoury of the progressive forces, and crude propaganda and falsehood are the lot of the forces of selfishness. From one perspective, this is sound, but danger lurks, for the potency of the mental plane is immeasurable. And, although, used in equal measure by the progressive and the materialistic forces for specific ends, unless there is a focused goodwill and will-to-good, which can offset the tendency towards the expression of deeper materialism, the consequences could be grave indeed, plunging humanity into an era of darkness. Nonetheless, slowly but surely, the advance of light, love, and power, into human consciousness is lifting the gaze of humanity to the world Avatar, the Christ, the Lord of Love.

‘Great determinations’ and ‘profound settlements within the Will of God’ pave the way for His return. Two thousand years ago, clearly and unambiguously, the Christ stated: “Whoever is not with me is against me”. Choices have to be made within the human family, and the issues have never been starker. The work of all those who stand for the good of the many is to make clearer in the minds of humanity, those principles and values that are necessary for human progress, to swing the weight of public opinion onto the side of the progressive and visionary values.

There is no quick fix for these deep-seated problems. There is no ‘ctrl + z’ computer keystroke to undo the damage and mistakes of yesteryear. Only the steady relentless work of all those who love their fellow human beings and who recognise the nobility and sanctity of human life can act as a magnetic and constructive force for good, and help over time to turn the direction of human thinking away from the material to the spiritual. In time, more will see life, humanity, and the world as “one united whole, interrelated, cooperative and harmonised”. Until, then, there is much to do.



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