The blog offers spiritual perspectives and reflections on a number of themes that are relevant to human progress and understanding in the world today and into the future. Many of the ideas, but not exclusively, are drawn from the teaching of Alice A. Bailey, a spiritual thinker and writer, who wrote 24 books of esoteric philosophy over a 30-year period (1919 – 1949). All the blogs are written in a spirit of goodwill and in service to humanity by students of the ageless wisdom, who recognise the importance of spiritual values in daily life.

We live in challenging and complex times. It is all too easy to lose sight of the values, principles and truths that underpin the outer world of human living. All that helps to reveal the underlying spiritual direction of evolution, and the part that the human family, and each one of us, plays in the unfolding planetary process, can serve a useful and constructive purpose.

In its small way, the Spiritual Perspectives Blog supports and reinforces a progressive vision. It is a message of hope over despair, of reasoned analysis over narrow-minded prejudice, of a spirit of goodwill over selfish motives, and of inclusiveness over sectarianism, and, above all, truth over propaganda, so that a culture of truth – “clear, factual, intuitive and non-dogmatic” emerges sooner rather than later.