Inner Sight

(Transcribed and edited by Carla McLeod)

Further transcripts and audio recordings are uploaded every week, as they become available.

  • Security

    Fate, karma, whatever, makes its determinations that are beyond our prediction, but we have the freedom to determine how we will respond to that, and in that freedom to […]

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  • Forerunners

    Robert: Welcome to Inner Sight. Inner sight is simply seeing that which is always present, but not yet fully recognized. You have within you the ability to see yourself […]

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  • New World Religion

    The idea that the human being can come to know the divine creator — that the central Source of life can be known through prayer and meditation–is a universal […]

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  • Light – part 2

    Buddha’s final words to his disciples when he was leaving this earthly plain were, “Be a lamp unto your own feet,” because he knew that every human being had […]

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  • Light – part 1

    As it is said in physics, we don’t really see light, we merely see with it, so it’s what the light reveals around us in the world that is important. Robert: Welcome to Inner Sight. Inner […]

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  • The Seven Rays – part 8

    The seventh ray person is someone who has the innate desire to bring through the sense of divinity in some outer way—who understands the link between the spiritual value and the […]

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  • The Seven Rays – part 7

    The sixth ray that we’re considering today…has given us so much of what characterizes human consciousness today; all the qualities of idealism and devotion to religious and political ideals. […]

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  • The Seven Rays – part 6

    … man is literally one who thinks. Our obligation as human beings is to know and to think, to use our mind, to be agents for God’s Plan on Earth. We can’t do that if […]

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  • The Seven Rays – part 5

    The name of the ray is Harmony through Conflict, not harmony and conflict, but the harmony that comes through conflict, rightly handled, through the handling of stress and strain.So, […]

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