Triangles is a worldwide network of prayer and meditation to release light and love into human consciousness. It publishes a quarterly bulletin featuring articles on spiritual themes.

Triangles Webinar

Each Monday at 3:00 pm (New York); 8:00 pm (London) and 9:00 pm (Geneva) Triangles broadcasts a webinar, which aims to provide a platform for Triangles members and those who are new to Triangles to come together with others from around the world to give subjective support to the strengthening and expansion of the Triangles network. The webinar includes a short introductory talk, a Triangles meditative visualization and a group sharing of ideas and impressions.

World Goodwill

Its purpose is to encourage people of goodwill throughout the world to build and cultivate right human relationships between nations, races, classes and individuals. World Goodwill publishes several newsletters throughout the year focusing on themes relevant to human progress.

Agni Yoga Society

The aims of the Society are to help bring about a synthesis of the ageless Eastern beliefs and modern Western thought, and to establish a bridge between the spiritual and the scientific.

The Sundial House Group & The International Group for Creative Meditation

The Group for Creative Meditation was begun in the early 1950’s by Dr. Roberto Assagioli working, in the beginning, with two co-workers Nancy Magor and Michal Eastcott. The Group works with the six natural spiritual Laws and Principles that are foundational to establishing right human relations. Everything is spiritual that tends towards understanding, towards kindness and towards that which produces harmony and beauty.

The Group provides training courses on creative meditation and runs a series of events throughout the year.

Association Pont arc-en-ciel

The Pont Arc-en-ciel association organizes events, training and support for personal and spiritual development. It has a humanist educational aim, of global development of the person, in a holistic, universal way, in relation with the environment and with all living beings.

Awakening into Awareness

Awakening into Awareness is a website focused on a personal awakening into a deeper understanding of reality. Metta Zetty takes you on her own journey. A free mailing list, and a collection of Metta’s reflections, are available on the website.

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Peter Russell – Spirit of Now

Peter Russell’s website features a number of thoughtful spiritual themes related to consciousness, science and philosophy. He has written a number of books and articles on these topics over the years. One of his best selling books: ‘The Global Brain’ is available to order on his website. Peter writes that his principal interest is: “the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through.”

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Sydney Goodwill

Sydney Goodwill was formed in 1979 to distribute the Alice Bailey books in Australia. Over many years, Sydney Goodwill has broadened its remit to hold monthly online Spiritual Festival meditation meetings and to feature a number of other spiritual activities. It also supports the work of World Goodwill and Triangles, international movements to foster right relationships in human living.

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The Fintry Trust

The vision of The Fintry Trust is inspired by “the Universal Ideals of Truth, Goodness, Beauty and Unity”. The Trust draws on the perennial and integral wisdom in its quest to unfold and interpret the deeper significance of our lives. The Trust also runs workshops, retreats and an online learning platform.

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Soul Life Center online offers an interactive psycho-educational program that: fosters increased understanding and self-awareness; helps resolve problems and blocks; facilitates realization of potential and meaning in one’s life. We advocate conscious evolution informed by intrinsic spiritual purpose for both individual and planetary good.

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Circle of Goodwill

The purpose of the website and newsletter is to give the inspiration and encouragement to put one‘s own findings into daily practice. This brings light into the everyday life, and slowly the light will begin to radiate and to inspire others: “May the Light make beautiful our lives . . .”

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The World Teacher Trust

The World Teacher Trust (WTT) is an organisation of people, who are inspired by the lives and teachings of the great Teachers of Eternal Wisdom. Its motto is “We seek to serve”.

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Ludger Philips’ Paintings and Poems

A fascinating and inspiring journey into the world of Ludger Philips’ image work. Ludger comments: “Most of the image work took place in the invisible. For a long time it was part of the parallel existence alongside the external professional identity and combined with the search of the essence. What became visible was mostly dissolved again later. Some came back from the invisible into the visible. The images are only slowly beginning to manifest themselves in a solid form and embark upon their own paths.”

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The Morya Federation

The Morya Federation is an international Esoteric School.

Its goal is to help create soul-illumined servers of humanity — servers inspired by love, spiritual will and spiritual intelligence — who can cooperate in establishing the new culture and civilization of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius.

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The resources on the Makara website are primarily created and maintained by a volunteer army, seeking to improve and expand the study material for the trans-Himalayan, Bailey, Roerich, Blavatsky community, and helpful related studies. It is a repository of the ageless wisdom teachings.

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The Seven Ray Institute

The Seven Ray Institute was founded on September 9, 1985 to inform the public about a subject that had been virtually unheard of until the late 1800’s when H.P. Blavatsky hinted at the “rays” in The Secret Doctrine. About thirty years later, Alice Bailey reintroduced the subject with much more than a hint. She expanded their name to the Seven Rays, made mention of them in all twenty-four of her books. Alice wrote five of those books (A Treatise on the Seven Rays) with the express purpose of making them better understood and useful. In one volume of this Treatise, she writes, “I wonder sometimes if … you realize the … importance of the teaching … (about) the seven rays as manifesting energies”. This was the impetus behind the founding of the Seven Ray Institute as an organization dedicated to learning about, teaching, and using the seven rays in everyday living.

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Claire Beynon

Claire Beynon is an artist, writer and interdisciplinary researcher living and working in Dunedin, New Zealand. Claire mentions that her special interest is “the Arts as instruments of teaching, healing, environmental advocacy and peace-building”. She goes on to say: “I’ve been blessed over the years to meet and work with remarkable men and women in a range of unusual places and situations. This has led to valued collaborative partnerships with fellow artists and writers around the globe and, too, a diverse range of adventures and interdisciplinary projects with scientists, musicians, composers and filmmakers. Two summer research seasons in Antarctica [2005 & 2008] significantly altered my way of seeing and being in the world.”

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Life and Teachings of Srīpāda Srīvallabha

A focus on the life and service of Srīpāda Srīvallabha (1320-1350), the first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in the present age. He incarnated in Pithapuram, a small town in Andhra Pradesh near Rajahmundry, on the eastern side of India.

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