2025 – Developing a Vision of Possibilities

Students of the writings of Alice Bailey know that the year 2025 is anticipated to be of vital spiritual significance. We’re told that the twenty-fifth year of each century, even as far back as 1425, constitutes a pivotal point for the coming century in the plans formulated by the Masters of the Wisdom, the spiritual Hierarchy. At these centennial interludes, the Hierarchy meets in conclave to consider the needs not only of the human kingdom, but the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms as well. In these conclaves an assessment is made of evolutionary progress, as well as crisis points that have arisen where there are blockages in the flow of spiritual energy.

Spiritual teaching views the passage of time in vastly longer cycles than does the human mind and brain. The spiritual energies released through these conclaves stimulate effects that work out in their own timing, but their impact is real and fundamental. Looking back to the hierarchical council held in 1425, the effects emanating from that conclave began to appear, slowly, around 1575 in the trend towards fusion in the modern world. The growth of literacy which resulted from the invention of the printing press had an enormous impact on the expansion of human intelligence, fostering development of the discriminating faculty; a second result, due to wars and the search for better living conditions, created “a tendency to dispersion”, in Alice Bailey’s words—the movement of peoples within and beyond national boundaries, which worked out in consequences that continue today to spread cultural and social values and the sharing of “the diverse gifts of the many people to the world soul.” Following another conclave held in 1725, culture was stimulated, producing the Victorian age, as was the growing urge towards freedom and scientific development. Results of the 1825 conclave led to the growth of ideologies in politics and religion, in particular, and the development of the industrial age which had a tremendous impact on labor and on the daily lives of human beings in general, as well as on the lower kingdoms.

The stimulation resulting from the conclave held in 1925 led to the final phase of the World War, the release of the power of the atom, and the establishing of the United Nations and the end of colonialism. Perhaps the most significant spiritual result was the appearance of the new group of world servers—a subjective group of souls pledged to world betterment, goodwill, and the expansion of the human mind. Prior to this, history had recorded the contributions of many gifted, brilliant individuals down through the ages, each of whom helped to lift humanity a bit further out of ignorance and isolation, but the appearance of a subjective yet worldwide group of souls aligned in a shared objective, in spite of outer differences, was an enormous step forward in humanity’s assumption of responsibility not only for its own species but for the lower kingdoms as well.

From the point of view of the spiritual Hierarchy, the writings of Alice Bailey identify three results of the stimulation released at the 1925 conclave. The first was a fresh inflow of the Christ principle, a nucleus of pure spiritual energy nascent in the heart of every human being. No matter how deeply hidden that core principle might be, its qualities of love, compassion, sacrifice and the will to salvage, to rescue what Christ called “the least of these my brethren”, were newly energized in human hearts as a result of the spiritual stimulation released in 1925. A second recognition that arose from the conclave’s stimulation was the principle of relationship, which led to inter-communication through travel, international conferences, the founding of the United Nations, and the growth of the media’s global outreach. The third result was the inflow of will or power from the Shamballa center, the center where the Will of God is known.

Perhaps it’s easier to identify the first two effects as benign in their impact on our world, while the third effect can be recognized as both negative and positive: The power of the atom ended the World War but not without a tremendous cost in human lives, and nuclear power remains to this day a questionable force with great potential for human and environmental good but also a grave danger in the hands of those with malevolent intentions. The inflow of the energy of the will has also stimulated the will-to-power of authoritarians throughout the world. While individuals in all avenues of life can succumb to this urge, its effects are most notable in the political realm. History is replete with examples of dictators and autocrats, but the global extent of the impulse of the will-to-power reached an extraordinarily deadly level in the aftermath of 1925, and authoritarianism continues to this day, manifesting in governments that seek to curb the rights of countless individuals and whole groups, as well as the domination of other nations.

Now, as another conclave approaches in 2025, it seems important for spiritual inquirers to develop a sense of expectancy, a vision of possibilities that might emanate from this next hierarchical Council. The energies mobilized through the centennial conclaves are made available for carrying forward the plans which will implement divine Purpose: the evolution of consciousness on every level of life. Will the growing concern for the environment and the threats posed by climate change benefit from this release of spiritual energy? Can the international community address the current wars underway—at least two of which pose a threat not only to their regions but to the rest of the world—in a way that guards the sovereign rights of citizens to self-government, or will the forces of aggression prevail? What will the results of elections being held this year (2024) by nearly fifty percent of the world’s population indicate to the Hierarchy about the state of democracy, freedom of choice, and human values? Will an understanding of governance (of which democracy is only one approach) lead to the abolishment of dictatorships or foster them still more? Can technology contribute to furthering humanity’s sense of interrelationship in more spiritual ways, and can Artificial Intelligence be directed into avenues truly beneficial to human development or become only one more tool for selfish exploitation? Can the growing cleavage between the richest one-percent or five-percent (choose a limit) and the rest of the world be bridged, and the poorest among us be lifted out of dire poverty?

Speculation about the practical consequences of the coming conclave is natural, but the most important need is to imagine what the spiritual impact of the outpouring energies might be. We know that the release of hierarchical energies which will result from the hierarchical conclave of 2025 will lead to acceleration of what, to many, already seems to be a period of extreme stimulation. We’re told that it will be “preparatory in nature, testing in its methods, and intended to be revelatory in its techniques and results”, and that at this conclave the date in all probability will be set for the first stage of the externalisation of the Hierarchy into active outer presence on Earth. How humanity responds to the increased spiritual stimulation brought by some members of the Hierarchy in active, visible presence on Earth will have some bearing on the timing of the reappearance of the Christ, the World Teacher. When humanity demonstrates its readiness for and receptivity to the powerful energy emanating from Shamballa, according to the writings of Alice Bailey, the Christ will return to bring the next stage of initiatory teaching. All that we know of this new teaching is that it will concern the Will-to-Good, a power so creative and positive in effect that it can only be introduced when humanity has demonstrated sufficient purity of motive and commitment to use it for the good of the Whole.

Clearly, the coming period will be one of trial and assessment. However, for our encouragement, the promise and opportunity is that the 2025 conclave coincides with a new age which will be governed by the energies of Aquarius, sign of the Water Bearer fostering goodwill and brotherhood. New patterns of living, generating new forms of relationship, will be stimulated, leading to a “New Age which will bring in eventually a civilisation and a culture which will be utterly different to anything hitherto known”, according to esoteric teaching. The reflective meditation of all who respond to this soul-stirring possibility is vitally needed to create a channel for the inflow of these potent energies.



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