A Love Song to Humanity

Since time and life began on earth, every human being has asked the exact same question: what is the purpose of my life.

For those whose attention is limited to the material, the answer is straightforward: acquisition. The acquiring of money, position, properties, and power becomes a full-time, all-consuming pursuit often at the expense of all else that life offers.

For others whose curiosity is captured by what lies beneath life’s surface and whose imagination is teased with visions of wholeness the answer is not quite so mundane and transitory.

They might pursue music, literature, the visual arts, land, air, or sea adventures, climb the heights of academia, or find fulfillment in public service careers: teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, city, state, and federal workers, health-care professionals, scientists, and those drawn to a religious calling.

The actual list of human beings attempting to serve a greater, more unified experience of life is truly legion. This multi-hundred million human multitude is the living transformative expression of Humanity’s soundness of purpose and stability of caring.

The central point, the shared drive, in all the many myriad possibilities is that every human being during their lifetime strives to introduce meaning into their very existence. This shared, universal impulse towards purpose is where we all begin together. Could life’s purpose actually be the same for all of us?

Human babies are born free of racial prejudice and religious bias. When the soul enters the physical, claiming the temporal form as its vehicle of expression, a deep lit spark of divine awareness permeates consciousness; and living Love is born on Planet Earth.

Potentialities, buried within this impulse towards Love, sustain our very humanity and elevate us above all other living beings. This is why we each carry the sacred duty of protection for all living creatures. We are embodiments and representatives of a better spiritualized tomorrow.

How quickly our Divine origins fade into memory as we become enamored with the daily distractions and impacts of life experiences!

Familial, economic, and cultural influences shape our perceptions, inform our feelings, and shrink our thoughts. Likes and dislikes become the fluctuating barometer of our pleasure – pain metrics; and soon we find ourselves measuring preferred associations based upon similar viewpoints.

Our natural easy inclination towards wholistic Oneness has darkened and devolved into compartmentalized blocs of moral outrage and assumed judgements. Fluidity in wonderment has been replaced with rigidity of divisiveness. But take heart, strong soul! Love is not lost. Love was never claimed. When external events frame how we perceive experience, we forsake our birthright and abdicate the powers of internal realization.

But realization alone will not suffice. We must awaken to that which lies within Love’s golden vault. The human heart is the doorway into discovering the hidden blessings along life’s rocky pathway.

Failures, successes, humiliations, satisfactions are common to all human beings; and they are all equally inconsequential. These fleeting sensations represent externalized expressions of experience. They don’t reveal the underlying purpose of experience which lies secreted away within the human heart.

One enduring measure of our common, shared humanity holds eternal meaning and is universally recognized by everyone: our capacity to love. Could love’s greater purpose be revealed if we journeyed through the deep heart of forgiveness?

Why forgiveness? Because true and enduring forgiveness requires transparency, vulnerability, and complete surrender of any and all separatist notions. We do not exist alone. It is through forgiveness that we discover Love is. Love is the very heartbeat of Life and the reality of Soul.

The heart of sustainable forgiveness actually begins and ends within ourselves. Does not the Greater always absorb the lessor? In a world where learning Love, by beginning with forgiveness, becomes the unifying purpose of human existence then all the outer experiences of Love serve as the evolving reflection of our expanding collective understanding.

What would the living world look like if every human being practiced forgiveness and expressed love as a way of life?

There would be no wars. Weapons of individual and mass destruction would be shunned and become worthless. Armed insurrections would not be viewed as a sign of independence; but rather, the dark mark of ignorance. Dialogue and reason would replace destruction and rebellion.

The whole of planetary life would be recognized as a single inter-locking living entity of Divine expression whose evolutionary purpose would be revealed in the compassionate daylight of human understanding and implementation.

Mathematics, literature, science, and the arts would become a glorious celebration of life’s possibilities; and children all over the globe would be recognized as future innovators, leaders, and teachers of tomorrow. They would be raised from birth to recognize their inherent responsibility to the family unit, the social structure, and the global community of human beings.

As humanity’s consciousness moved into wider equilibrium, the natural world and climate would self-regulate with balance and harmony.

The misguided notion of giving to get love would become abhorrent and reviled. Love would be shared spontaneously because the human heart would be too full to contain the warm, rich energies of pure love.

Human beings, overnight, would become racially blind. Each human being would be known as a living soul fulfilling its rightful purpose on earth. True honor would become the measure of an individual’s character; and their ability to honor others would be seen as a model of behavior worthy of exemplifying.

All countries and cultures would recognize an inherent obligation to reach out and help. Food would be viewed as living nutrients for the sustaining of all life. Animal remains would be cremated; no longer ingested. Water would be free and abundant to all peoples everywhere; and plastic materials would be rejected as the scourge of an earlier century.

Economies would be revised in a new paradigm of purpose. Money would finally be seen in its true light: as an effective temporal tool of progressive growth, change and betterment for the whole of humankind and all planetary life.

In such a world as this, corporate balance sheets would swell with the real worth of goodwill actively engendered; small businesses would be valued by their inclusive social impact in local communities; and start-ups would be considered in the light of group service and collective upliftment. Hoarding of resources would become unthinkable.

Educators would be viewed with reverence because they inform, influence, and impact the new incoming generation of souls in awe-inspiring ways. Farmers who work the rich lands to deliver living crops would be respected. All construction workers who repair, replace, and maintain the hard infrastructure that promotes civilizations to develop and expand would be recognized for their contributions.

The soft infrastructure of the global community, human capital, would be elevated in its role as the economic lifeblood of earthly existence. The fragility of all marine life would be transformed into sanctuaries of plenty; all ancient forests, world-wide would be designated as the elders of planetary sustainment; and protected animals would thrive, free of fear from human slaughter, and fulfill their evolutionary journey in planetary life.

In such a world as this, false influencers, pseudo-celebrities, and strident social media voices would simply fade away. They could not exist without adulation.

Authoritarian regimes built upon dissolvable structures of intimidation and cruelty would collapse under the massive weight of international condemnation and truly crippling economic sanctions; the unified global call for an end to all dictatorships would then be seen through tangible actions, and not empty words.

In such a world as this, the young would be cherished for their innocence and innate curiosity; the old would be recognized for their wealth of experience and their strength of endurance. In such a world as this, all human beings would live freely, purposely, joyfully.

What will you offer in gratitude for the precious gift of your life? Only Love. Our ability to grow in love, share love, give and receive love is the clearest measure of our worthiness as sentient human souls. It all begins with forgiveness. Finally, are we ready to forgive?



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