A Loving Faith

To walk through life, in true loving faith, seems a heavenly gift shared only amongst the Gods, unattainable by mere mortals. And yet, many are aware of the possibilities having experienced this beneficent blessing.

Are there not those who occasionally cross your path who are themselves in possession of an aura of pure radiant light? Does not an emanation of boundless kindness seem to float in the aromatic air around their very being?

Has not the faint scent of sandalwood and orange blossoms drifted across the compassionate space between you? In your mind’s eye, have you not suddenly been consumed with a vision of other-worldly wholeness and completeness far beyond the confines of earthly existence?

When in the presence of such a one, does not a profound sense of peace wash your consciousness with soothing silence? As you consider this realization of being brushed – albeit briefly – with a true loving faith, have you not wondered that such a wise being exists on earth? In that moment, the entirety of your life stands in stark relief. Your heart and mind, your very existence, has been transformed forevermore. You have recognized the Life that can be and stepped upon the path of return. Now, the real work begins.

Faith is a tricky idea to discuss, because it can be so easily viewed as either weakness or strength. It can also be found in both light and dark places. Faith is often considered a private matter; and yet, faith is constantly on full display throughout various public forums. Simply put, human faith is inner certitude.

Whenever we express complete trust in something, or someone, are we not exhibiting an innate sense of faith? Since we all possess this inner certitude about something, or someone, faith becomes an essential barometer of our common, shared humanity. As human beings, we are naturally drawn into the very life experiences which reflect our most deeply held inner realities.

Destiny is a choice. The path of faith, which we choose for ourselves in life, unveils our unique and distinct emotional tributaries of thought. These energetic, colorful streams of living thought flow outwardly, ahead of our daily movements; and these thoughts find daily confirmation in the range of experiences informed by our waking consciousness. Within this living process, destiny is revealed.

Those who place their faith in a singularly material world are often successful at drawing to themselves the momentary objects of their devotion. Powerful energies of will, ambition, and a love of glamour are utilized to construct a carefully insulated reality protected by moneyed sound-proofing. This achieves their goal of affirming a temporal faith in greed, division, and separateness while blocking out the cries of a global humanity in desperate need of a healing faith.

Those who build faith in a coalition between the material and religious realities struggle to maintain an uneasy balance between the polarities of acquisition and relinquishment. In a world fraught with dualities, they are waging an unwinnable war. The briefness of human life and the sheer fragility of all that is physical ensures a raging interior struggle with suspicions and doubts.

And then, there are those unusual beings who quietly cultivate a loving faith which welcomes no separation in the evolving progression of spiritual principles into ethical standards into moral conduct, and inevitably expanded into legislative law for the benefit of all humanity.

In their unique consciousness, no racial division exists since the human race is accepted as one complete entity. All forms of violence are assiduously avoided as violence in any form qualifies as a perverse expression of anti-life. In their minds, economic disparities are viewed as timely opportunities to create needed equilibrium. Religious doctrine is seen through an inclusive spiritual lens and the commonalities of the various world teachings are synthesized into a cohesive whole body of life tenets. Antiquated notions of separation and judgement born of a yesteryear are spontaneously discarded.

Education, in such an elevated consciousness as this, is intentionally transformed from a schooled preparation for a job and assigned workload into an acquired understanding of individual avocation and purposeful creation. Harmonic outflowing of reasoned thought is promoted. This recognizes structural weaknesses and responds with the collective strength of true compassion. Systemic stresses are accepted as teachable events; and the innate goodness found in the glimmering light of others is always highlighted, especially in times of extreme darkness.

How are these few able to envision such an appealing tomorrow, especially in today’s difficult and fear-filled global chaos? Through an abiding and expanding loving faith. How can we join the ranks of these visionary beings, even as beginners, and spread their loving message to all of humanity? Through service. And by always remembering that the pure energy of Love is the most powerful force known to mankind.

Throughout human history, it is service to God, service to Humanity, and service to all of Life which has brought about the most enduring changes to human civilizations. Some changes were motivated by Love; others by evil. Now, in the twenty-first century, we stand on the verge of a massive and sweeping global transformation, the very threshold of our collective initiation into a new and transcendent humanness. Our time on earth is ripe with rich, new potencies. Lift up and widen your gaze; free your true heart. Elevate your perceptions and broaden your infinite mind with living possibilities. This inner confluence of change will invoke meaningful action leading into the wonderment of loving service.

And when you slip into bed at night, exhausted, and feel the intuitive embrace of contentment you will know in every fiber of your being that you have chosen wisely. Destiny is pleased. Your feet are now firmly planted on the pathway of a loving faith.



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