A Noble Service

Few can doubt the formidable challenges facing humanity today and the stark truth that selfishness lies at their root. But, perhaps, we can take heart that many millions each day give generously and oft times selflessly to a range of worthy causes. It might be through financial donations, through some form of voluntary work or other means which has at its heart a service to others in local communities or beyond. The need to give rather than to get is assuming increasing importance in the thought life of humanity. It could be said that the human family is slowly awakening to its responsibility as a custodian of the planet. A growing sense of right relationship, to the world around us, and to all the diverse yet interrelated kingdoms that share the planet with us, beckons. And, whilst these outpourings of generosity are greatly needed and valued, there are other ways too that we can help to shape a better future fit for all peoples to live in dignity and security. Meditators around the world are using the power of the mind and heart to effect transformative changes in consciousness.

Although the practice of meditation is still in its infancy, more and more people are using it in a myriad of ways, such as to help relieve stress, to achieve mindfulness, to think through solutions to complex world problems but also to direct spiritual energy into human consciousness. “Energy follows and conforms itself to thought” is a little known truth outside of the spiritual sciences but a technique used daily in a noble worldwide service called ‘Triangles’.

For nearly nine decades, Triangles has been serving ‘silently’ behind the scenes using the power and creativity of the mind and heart in helping to fashion a better world based on sound moral principles. Triangles belongs to all of humanity, as it transcends religious and racial boundaries. It appeals to the innate goodness in all human beings. And, today, many thousands around the world link up in thought for a few minutes each day in their triangles to energise the planetary Triangles network and to circulate light and goodwill into the weary vale of earth.

The vital work, in this unfolding planetary effort, is to bring ‘goodwill’ from latency into objectivity. Goodwill, it is said, must become ‘active in expression and in tangible deed upon the physical plane’, and not frozen or trapped upon the higher planes. Triangles helps to release and circulate this bountiful and beneficent quality throughout the world.

For many people today, and they can be counted in their tens of millions, goodwill is a natural expression in their lives. Their horizons stretch beyond national boundaries, and they recognise the great family of nations, each intertwined, each an intrinsic and essential part in this planetary tapestry of peoples of many virtues, characteristics, temperaments, colours and hues. Goodwill draws people together, it enriches and uplifts human living. It creates an environment, in which problems can be solved, differences overcome, and mental, psychological, and physical barriers fall by the wayside, and life can be seen from a higher perspective, in a clearer light, and with a broader vision. It is quite literally the energy that will propel humanity into a new era, a golden age built on the ruins of the old, and to fulfil its mission as a bridging kingdom relating the spiritual, archetypal levels, and the lower worlds of form, in which the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms can work out their destiny too, but with the added stimulation, resources, support and focus of the human family.

So, if you can spare a few minutes each day, to weave in the light, and to help build a better world, then you might consider forming a triangle, and share in this noble worldwide service.



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