A Primer for Goodwill

In the world of words, our capacity to discern meaning is vital. How we interpret a word reveals motive, informs response, defines direction, and determines the inflow of spiritual livingness. So, what exactly is Goodwill? How do we understand Love? Where is the appropriate human field of Action? In this time of global crisis, we have a golden opportunity which has not been possible in well over two thousand years. Humanity’s yearned-for collective leap into unification could be manifested by answering these questions with a united voice: How shall we perceive Life? Going forward, how will we define Human? Is it even feasible for seven billion souls to live in harmony together on one small planet?

In esoteric tradition, the season of spring (rebirth) is dedicated to the conversion of human nature into a greater realized manifestation of spiritual nature – the wondrous miracle of transformation and the living possibility of transmutation. To transform, to transmute, and to unify begins with imagination. The capacity to imagine is the potency of change which moved humanity out of the   dark ages and it will be the fiery soul quality which will give true identification to one human race, each and all a spiritual being wrapped in a distinctly unique form.

Imagine a world-wide belief system in which the ideation of the I serves as the gateway into union with the We. Imagine a living world where sacrifice is perceived as the making sacred of All Life; and service to others – spontaneously and freely given – becomes the highest measure of human character. Imagine a global time when doing right – in thought, word, and action -is universally understood as much more meaningful than the antiquated notion of seeking applause for being right. Imagine a sacred interior space where prayer, meditation, mantric chants, and quiet contemplation are seen as common shared experiences of serene union. Imagine Light, in its purest form, as the infinite canvas of God’s mind; and Love, in its totality, as the rhythmic pulsation of God’s heart. Imagine all this and the universal embodiment of Goodwill will become known as the spiritualization of human thought and endeavor. Transform – transmute – unify. In such an imagined world, an innovative educational paradigm of Soul would prepare the world’s children to joyously take their place on a planet of harmony and creativity. Global governance would become a mindful responsive duty to the Whole, and not a power privilege to the few. In such an imagined world, excessive materialism would be repudiated; and replaced with simplicity, purpose, and sharing. Resources would be cherished and the heresy of separatism would thrive no more. Humanity would speak with a singular voice and the true power of forgiveness would blossom into daylight. In such an imagined Soul-centric world, physical death would be viewed in its right light as an open doorway into another form; and human life would be embraced as a temporal opportunity for honorable service in the need of upliftment for all living forms. Recognized and manifested relationships to the Whole of existence would become the standard of every incarnation; and each individual destiny would be shaped by the larger, living Group expression of Love for One, Love for All. In such a world as this the sacredness of all life would flourish and mankind’s true destiny would become a realized spiritual fact of life on planet earth.     



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