All Receive in Order to Give

The world today is going through a long transition period, from one two thousand year old age of Pisces to the next two thousand year old age of Aquarius.  And preparation for the coming age of Aquarius began during the 15th and 16th centuries at the beginning of the enlightenment period. Now, in the 21st century, old practices and ways of thinking and feeling are slowly giving way to new, more enlightened ways of thinking.  This is good because it shows that the Law of Evolution is working and some human beings are responding to a deeper spiritual urge, while others are simply hanging on to some of the old more self-centered ways of the past.

Evolution depends upon a free circulation of energy; where energy flows freely there will be good health and progress and evolution can move the world forward toward a higher state of perfection and refinement.  This is of course the ultimate goal of the universal Plan of God for this good Earth; and it depends upon there being a free flow of energy throughout the physical world.

Energies from the sun, for example, flow onto the earth continuously; and everything on the earth—the human, the animal, the vegetable and the mineral kingdoms—receive these energies.  Now, under spiritual law, “all receive in order to give”.  These energies are not to be held on to, but are meant to circulate freely and produce greater refinement and purity in their expression. Therefore, on this blue-marble earth of ours, we receive the energies of the sun in order to give, “and to pass on to that which is lesser or not so evolved” (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 80).

Now, the universal quality that is being developed in this entire solar system is the quality of divine Love.  This is also the great Plan of God for our earth.  Divine Love must eventually be produced on earth and then given out freely to our solar system.  In our daily lives we must also follow the same pattern: when we receive love we should also give and keep the energy flowing smoothly and unimpeded to those who are in need.  This is the law.

Could we in the human kingdom ever be guided by and follow this process, this law?  Perhaps way in the future, during Aquarius, when there is developed a stronger linkage with the human soul, the immediate source of divine Love. The soul receives in order to give; it receives the energies of divine Light, Love and the Power of purpose from its higher Source, the Monad in order that those energies can be stepped down and be given to the soul’s life creation—the human body.  It also gives the electrical energy of life and the energy of consciousness to the personality form.  But for a very long time, where the focus is strongly in the daily personality life, that is where the giving stops or is slowed down; it takes hundreds of lifetimes for any human to develop the willingness or the urge to give his/her loving abilities to some lesser part of society in greater need.

This is the challenge being presented to humanity by the soul.  A corresponding pattern can be seen in the vegetable kingdom.  All plants and trees the energies flowing in from the sun (the macrocosmic Soul).  The grasses, the shrubs, the herbs, the leaves of trees, and plants which are grown for food for the animal and human kingdoms—the vegetable kingdom receives in order to give.  In this respect, the vegetable kingdom is somewhat ahead of the human kingdom in evolutionary development.  We in the human kingdom must come to realize that what we receive must also be given, whether that comes from the vegetable or animal kingdoms or from the spiritual kingdom of the soul.  We are here on earth to follow the same process: what we receive should not be selfishly held by our little egos, but should be given and shared with the lesser of our society. All is energy, including money, and should be allowed to flow and thus produce the beauty of harmonious relationships and a loving earth.

One of the most difficult energies to deal with today is the energy of money; it does not flow smoothly and unimpeded through the human kingdom. Yet it is vital to human livingness, but it is often selfishly held in huge amounts by the wealthy which often causes problems in the society.  It corresponds to energy flowing through one’s etheric body or network.  When the soul’s energies flow through our etheric network smoothly and unimpeded and creating no area of congestion, then there will be good health.  Where congestion does occur, however, then some kind of disease may appear.  Likewise, where the flow of the energy of money becomes congested in some personal or business or organizational group, then often some unhealthy action can arise.  Today, money is associated with power, the power to control a big business or a government.  Here the energy of money is received but the order to give and to pass on to that which is lesser is not usually followed.  We don’t yet follow or conform to this cosmic pattern laid out by our central sun.  As the Bible says: “the love of money is the root of all evil” (I Timothy 6: 10).  Let us let it be no longer the love of money, but let it be the grace and beauty and power of the divine Love of the human soul that governs the flow of energies on this good earth. It is the Law.



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