Electric Life

In the beginning
God created a living Earth,
And everything upon this Earth
is given life by the Life of God.
One electric life flowing like a river,
giving life to all within the world.
Upon this Earth, this living Earth,
Electric Life is everywhere,
It’s what sustains all living things;
One electric Life gives life to all upon the Earth.
It gives life to the grass and to the flowers;
It gives life to the fish that swim, and the birds that fly;
It gives life to all the animals that roam the world;
It gives life to all the people whether good or bad, rich or poor.
All share, all share in this one electric energy of Life;
a Life that never ends. Life never ends.

In the beginning, God created a living Earth;
a living earth with many forms of life.
What are these forms?
The forms of plants and trees and animals,
and all the people of the world.
These forms, in time, will bring beauty to the world;
In time, in time, as all forms die and disappear;
and then reappear again and again and again,
more beautiful than before;
more beautiful each time around.
Life after life they rise, rising to perfection;
showing the beauty of God through living forms on Earth.
This living Earth is the Plan of God:
to give pure Light and Love to the universe.
And Electric Life gives vibrant life
to this Plan of Beauty on this Earth;
this living Earth.

We are pleased to post this blog from a co-worker in the States. Copies of the text are available in Word or PDF format. The words have also been set to music for a four-part chorus and piano. A copy of the musical composition, which runs for about 8 – 10 minutes, is available at no charge. Perhaps, you may know of a choir or similar group that may be interested? If you would like a copy of the text and/or the musical composition, then please click on this link to contact us.



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