Envisioning a Better World through Creative Sharing

Living in a time of transition when the energies of the past age are withdrawing—a stage in which the lower aspects are now more visible than their higher, and the inflowing energies of a new age are rapidly gaining strength—creates a whirlpool of conflicting forces. No wonder, then, that thoughtful people might view the present times with trepidation and sometimes might even succumb to spiritual doubt. Yet, esoteric teaching reminds us that from a higher perspective and a longer range view, the present period is only a stage in the cyclic fluctuations of planetary evolution. This realization makes it especially important to develop an attitude of positivity in order to comprehend the underlying conditions which are working out through present events.

A key aspect in this effort is redirecting the focus from the problem to the goal; lifting our attention from the chaos and venality, the injustice and violence that seem so prevalent in today’s world, and focusing instead on the outcome which we believe will best serve the interests of the whole (and remembering that this must include all the kingdoms that share the earth, not only the human).

Equally important is the development of harmlessness not only in speech and actions but at the causal level of thought. This is where creation takes place, for thoughtform-building is indeed a creative activity and one requiring concerted effort to develop mastery. Training ourselves to guard our reactions to political and social developments in particular is crucial, for the emotions respond easily to provocation in such situations.

.Instead, we’re told that maintaining a balanced attitude in relation to those in power is essential, as well as an attitude of indifference to the transitory personalities and to the chaotic conditions that occupy so much of the media’s focus. Fixation on the outer aspects of events and personalities can be all-consuming, leaving no mental space for contemplating the subjective causes behind the outer scene.

The subjective world view is strengthened by developing an appreciation for the terrific pressures confronting humanity today, caused by the energies of a transitional cycle from an old age to a new, which are affecting all levels of our planetary life.

Humanity, in particular, is being targeted by the stresses of economic problems, war, the Covid pandemic, and the environmental crisis and its impact especially on the most vulnerable members of society, to name a few of the major problems. The global spread of the Covid virus has called upon the sharing of scientific and financial resources on a massive level. The climate crisis is requiring a similar global response. Out of the recent gathering of nations in Sharm El-Sheikh to focus on the climate crisis, a consensus emerged that economic support is owed to the poorest nations who often are bearing the brunt of the environmental crisis’s impact yet have had only a minor, if any, role in its creation. Sharing is also being demonstrated in the “Tax Me Now” movement, an initiative by a growing group of the “super rich” who are calling for permanent annual wealth taxes on the very wealthiest individuals to help reduce extreme inequality and to raise revenue for sustained, long-term increases in social services to the wider population. Sharing is also seen in the world’s response to the suffering in Ukraine, which has evoked a broad base of support from many parts of the world, not only through the economic and military aid of governments but through humanitarian initiatives on the part of non-profit groups and individuals in many nations as well.

These examples of shared responsibility are all indicative of the growing fusion of the world’s peoples and nations and they are placing increasing demands on the heart and creative imagination of humanity. The world is now far too small, and the lines of communication too extensive, for any part to remain aloof and apart from the turmoil. It’s impossible now to claim “we didn’t know”. Thus the recognition of the need to share is a spiritually positive development.

In the deepest sense, sharing is associated with that which is of value, which should be shared if justice is to be demonstrated, and essentially, with those values which are life-giving. Esoteric teaching tells us that one of the most beneficent results of the inflow of the Shamballa force through the focused demand of the aspirants and world disciples will be the intelligent recognition of the uses of pain and suffering. It’s said that the sensitivity of the human race, as a result of these problems, is becoming more and more acute as a result of the suffering. Cultivating a positive faith in humanity isn’t merely a wish and a hope. It requires spiritual confidence—in humanity and in the divine Plan, a working knowledge of how to wield energy and force through the power of thought, and the development of an active, creative imagination of the world as we want it to bequeath it to future generations.

When we can envision a better world and clarify, inclusively and intelligently, the conditions which that world must manifest, energies will be mobilized and forces employed which will be truly expressive of the “creative sharing” which will be humanity’s highest contribution to the working out of the divine Plan on Earth.



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