Gifts of the Path

From our earliest moment, when we take our first tentative step upon the path, we are trained to focus our attention upon Light, Love, and Goodwill. These are practical qualities gifted to us in the furtherance of one, unified, living Whole; and, when embodied, they masterfully serve the stated and shared purpose of living our days within the grace of “The One in Whom we live and move and have our being.”

Light is the energy of vision, the promise of imagination, and the etheric power of creation. Love is Identity, and as such, steadily nurtures patience, promotes compassion, and strengthens a deepening endurance. The third gift, Goodwill, is the intentional application of Light and Love. We witness its beneficial reality through the quality of our relationships. Implicit in the steady expression of Goodwill is the subtle healing of past cleavages and the eventual reunification of painful divisions. This is a circular pathway of ever-expanding expressions of Light, Love, and Goodwill intended to continue throughout the ages until all living beings are recognized and included within the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.

Beyond these three initiatory gifts are a host of other truly remarkable gifts; the greatest of which is Joy. We do not find joy; joy finds us. In the human experience, neither clarity of purpose nor purity of heart are prerequisites for the incalculable gift of joy. Purpose will grow and change as life expressions evolve; and we do not always see clearly in this process. Purity at every human stage can only be viewed through a broken lens of limited sight, so it is advisable to refrain from foolish judgements. In the end, the real presence, or actual absence, of joy cannot be diminished to either a reward or a punishment.

Joy, in its purest form, remains formless. It comes when least expected and lives freely in the airs of all seasons. It cannot be contained, nor is it subject to the temporal barriers of form existence. When its presence circles, it is understood as a gentle brush of poise, a soft stroke of dispassion, or an exhilarating glance of grace; and when it finds center, it is a knowing of complete and full enfoldment within the wide embrace of One Life.

In an instant, all that is known is irrevocably altered. Vision, identity, reunification – the dreamy stuff of Universal Beingness is all that now matters. The days of endless motion and distractions of doing are past; centered moments of intuitive being live in the eternal calm of here and now. Being becomes Light and Love and Goodwill. Through Immortal Beingness we mindful mortals become Joy. Heart-lit Being is Joy expressed, and Joy given, and Joy known, in its natural home of infinite Oneness.



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