Meditation is the Story of Human Life

In the human world we are taught to give credence and value to the tangible. Our physical senses are the guideposts for navigating through a reality of often confusing diversities. We perceive, feel, and think within the constraints of these lower senses. Yet, we were not designed to remain at a human level. In the fulness of our humanness we face the starting gate; not the finish line. Our sixth sense, little understood and much maligned, the Intuition, can lead us all into a unified world of truth, when rightly activated.

As sentient beings, we possess the ideal interior architecture to develop intuitive skills designed to awaken us to the higher realities of a spiritualized livingness. We are genetically equipped to unleash a treasure trove of spiritualized insights for the benefit and upliftment of the Whole of Life. Yet, the ancestral memories embedded in our cellular structure invoke outright fear; and prevent this leap into an utterly transfigured tomorrow. The way to expunge this ancient fear is by using the same powerful tool that built humanity’s past civilizations: meditation.

Within every human being is the birthplace of imagination: the interior head-heart corridor. All of the many remarkable possibilities of a human life are born here: education, marriage, children, career track, artistic endeavors, community action, global involvement, and favorite pastimes. We, human beings, actually imagine life long before we live life. The creative architecture of this head-heart corridor is designed in such a way as to include two chambers: an upper and lower. The imaginative activity within the lower chamber creates the real-life dynamics playing out in every individual’s reality. Nature plays a decisive role; and purpose determines outcome. However, where we move ourselves along the spectrum of infinite possibilities reveals the true power of the imaginative impetus and the hidden character behind purpose. Are you beginning to see that meditation is the story of human life?

What about the upper chamber? This is where observational skills become priceless, because we each must locate the secret key that unlocks the heavy door leading into the upper chamber. But, don’t worry. This secret key has been, and remains, eternally in your possession. It is known by the name willingness. A willingness to consider, to accept, to release, to grow, and through hard work eventually to become. Try an experiment. With silent detachment, observe the energetic, chaotic life currents swirling endlessly throughout daily life. Now quietly and determinedly, pierce these distracting multi-colored mists with an intentional, singular thought of wholistic, pure, unbounded Universal Love. Fuel this thought with calm, steady emoting energies.

In a beneficent flash of warmth, the golden door unlocks, swings wide, and you are transported into the lighted upper chamber. Do you remember the space? You have lived here throughout eternity. Welcome home, to the world of Soul.

In the world of Soul, Love reigns Supreme. Not the Hollywood version of chaotic, reactive love; rather, the truth of loving in wholes: a whole healthy being, a whole harmonious family, a whole accepting society, a whole dynamic global community, and a whole natural world of exquisite beauty and grace and strength. In this world of wholes, your body vibrates with the energy of higher purpose and your head-heart corridor becomes a spiritualized instrument of healing. A working, imaginative consciousness is the evolving life-force of every integrated being.

In this upper chamber, the world of Soul – the world of wholes, all the fragmented pieces of fragile earthly existence slide easily into right order and the deeper meaning of life’s moments becomes apparent. Meditation is the pathway to transmutation; directed imagination is a tool of transformation. In these most critical of times, the whole of humanity is crying out for direction, for meaning, and for healing.

Throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Far East, and across Africa millions of souls are marching for the freedom to think, feel, and live their highest aspirations. To those aware falls the burden of destiny and the weight of this sacred duty: truth remains unmanifested and must be realized in the light of a new day. Meditation is the quintessential creative tool shaping a new tomorrow.

When one can imagine, all can see more clearly. When a group of directed thought imagines, all can share more easily. A compassionate, inclusive, synthesizing group voice is the essential life-blood of a healthy human race. Seek out your group, listen for the music, and give all to this powerhouse of meditative thought. The Group is directing in intentional and wondrous ways. The benefit is to the Whole: the whole global society and all living beings on this sublimely miraculous planet. Unification is more than a fanciful dream; it is the invocative coming reality of imaginative minds and hearts. Meditation is both the story of and the long-sought future for human life on Planet Earth.



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