Season’s Greetings 2023

It’s nearly five years since the Spiritual Perspectives Blog published its first blog post. Now, nearly 200 articles later, there’s never a shortage of important topics on human and world affairs to reflect on and write about from a spiritual perspective.

Nothing remains static, or shouldn’t, and the Blog is no exception. In April, the Blog was fortunate to feature transcripts and audio recordings of ‘Inner Sight’ programs, which were originally broadcast on WOR radio throughout the New York City area. In all, from 2000 until 2008, over 400 programs were aired. The conversations between the host, Robert Anderson, and the then President and Vice-President of Lucis Trust, Sarah and Dale McKechnie, discussed topics based on the Ageless Wisdom and the writings of Alice Bailey. You can find the transcripts and recordings on the ‘Inner Sight’ section of the website. We plan to add one program each week, due to the dedicated work of Sarah, Dale and Carla. So, they will continue to be uploaded for several years yet. Topics discussed include meditation, evolution, the World Teacher, karma, the soul, family, and freedom; the list grows each month.

Whilst there are many blog posts focusing on all the great departments of human affairs, such as Philosophy, Psychology, and Government, there is also a section on ‘The Light of the Renaissance’. This section contains an 8-part series of articles describing the history of the Renaissance from a spiritual perspective and its contribution to developing the Arts, Science, Philosophy, Culture, and Music during a vibrant and creative period in human evolution.

A year late, but better late than never, a new website design was rolled out in the Spring. We hope the ‘look and feel’ is an improvement and easier for navigation. Plans are underway to refine the design further as website design never finishes.

A few months ago, a Twitter account was set up featuring extracts of the Blog posts. The address is: @spiritualpblog. This is in the early stages of development.

Without the creative support of the writing team (Sarah and Dale McKechnie, Ginny DeAngelis, and others who have contributed from time to time), it would not be possible to add fresh material and insights into the evolving life of humanity. We trust the Blog posts provide spiritual perspectives on topics of interest and importance in human and world affairs, and hope you will continue to visit our website.

All that remains is to wish you a blessed Season’s Greetings and a joyous, creative and fulfilling New Year.



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