Shamballa and Simplicity – part 1

At the deep center of mankind’s consciousness there lies a tenuous foothold into a vast land of simplicity. This sacred place is a hidden landscape pulsating with eternal truths. This is the home of Shamballa and the meditative meeting ground of Divinity’s essential energies, Will and Love, which forever dance in the harmonic poise of Infinity’s calm.

In the outer reaches of human consciousness, far removed from this peaceful core and distanced by countless ages of superstition, can be found the world of form and force. This is the home of humanity. A noisy place of ceaseless activity, endless permutations of emoting streams of feeling, and the ever-present vibrating force of creative human thought.

Between these two monumental centers of life – pure Spirit and dense Matter – lies the unseen connective tissue of all that is loving, beautiful, and whole. A conduit of Soul known as the hierarchal bridge of return, rebirth.

In the midst of humanity’s difficult purification for the foretold and approaching baptism into this world of Soul, let us journey instead to this land of simplicity wherein lies a newer, fresher understanding to be brought back in sacred service to the whole. Mankind’s painfully accelerated purification will continue to unfold through the global destruction of all that falsely exists in the world of form. Let us hopefully see anew the endless possibilities which lie just beyond the horizon.

Shamballa is the unspoken sound heard round the human world as a multi-named, uncontainable, rarely invoked, and truly incomprehensible energy of Life itself. Shamballa is the purposeful essence and potent presence of life. This Life comes before individual thought, feeling, or action. Shamballa always precedes and exists independently of, and before any and all planetary activity, especially the human kingdom. Shamballa is the birthplace of Original Thought.

Whenever a human being walks humbly in the Light (Shamballa) and the Love (Hierarchy) they are acknowledging the powerlessness of form and the supremacy of Spirit. They will be guided and protected through all the travails and sorrows of earthly life. History is full of such figures who lived remarkable lives of simplicity.

There is a passage in Alice Bailey’s book, Discipleship in the New Age, that can thrill the heart and unleash the imagination: “Your goal should be simplicity … To this simplicity I would have you add … and an understanding based upon love and not upon any mental processes. The result of this … and again, therefore we shall have the simplification of your life and the opening-up of a wider vision into Shamballa. Shamballa and simplicity, will and motive, will become the directing currents of thought which will sweep you on your way …”

A key to simplicity can be found in another of Alice Bailey’s books, A Treatise on the Seven Rays. This clarifies divine intention: “Simplification proceeds rapidly as one nears … and Will ever concerns itself with the essentials … Love concerns itself with the evolutionary fundamentals, whilst intelligence concerns itself with … and its coherent coordination in response to the impulse and attractive force of divine love …”

One of the most profoundly life-altering keys to simplicity is indeed the presence of an understanding heart. It is also a required stepping-stone which leads one onto the multi-colored hierarchal bridge of living Soul. How do we come to understand the ancient teachings through a loving and understanding heart? Let us begin with a simple truth.

All is energy; and energy follows thought” is a familiar esoteric axiom. Is there a way to view this fundamental idea in a more exploratory loving light? All is Energy. Could there be a missing piece before we arrive at: and energy follows thought? All is Energy translates into All is Spirit and therefore, Spirit is Energy. Yet, in the world of form (matter), all is not energy; rather, all is energy stepped down and converted into force.

This force is the untapped power of the human heart. This conversion of Divine energy into individualized force explains what is really following, underpinning, and creating human thought. Wildly divergent thought streams, an absence of quality, and an utter lack of unity are expressed daily through human thought; right alongside clarity, synthesis, and a welcoming inclusiveness inviting all who exist to participate in the bountiful richness of sharing. The critical difference in these streams of human thought lies in the absence or presence of an understanding heart. Whosoever thinks with their heart draws forward the support of the entire hierarchal bridge of loving souls.

The pure energy of Original Thought (Shamballa) created Life. The emoting force underlying form-life creates material thought. In the straightforward words of HP Blavatsky. “Matter is spirit at its lowest level. Spirit is matter at its highest level.”

Are the material expressions of Humanity truly reflective of our spiritual essence? Has Humanity misused or rightly used the force of creative thought bequeathed to us by Divinity’s Energy?

There is a third reference which captures this point most succinctly. In Bailey’s book, The Destiny of the Nations, we find the following words: “I wish to remind you that I use the word ‘energy’ in reference to the spiritual expression … and the word ‘force’ to denote the use which men make of spiritual energy as they seek to employ it and usually, as yet, misapply it.”

How can Humanity apply this emoting force of spiritual energy correctly? Through simplicity. This is the great lesson unfolding before our very eyes. The form world of material and men is being pummeled by the distorted force of accumulated and limited human thoughts. Civil society is fragmenting while global institutions falter and governments become more polarized and extreme. The more complicated and complex that this human reality becomes, the simpler the solutions being revealed by the masses of humanity. People in every country, on every continent, already understand and are acting upon this need for simplicity and truth through their daily marches, their clear voices, and the collective power of their hearts.

Technology is a tool, perhaps a forerunner to future telepathic communication; yet, it has rapidly devolved into a global addiction. Religions were created to encourage mankind forward into expansions of consciousness; instead, they often limit human expression. Governments are experiments in humanity’s ability to share, economic models were meant to express inclusion, equality, and education has always been the road to realization, growth, and inclusiveness.

Nature already exists within a rich diversity spiritualized by the original thought of Shamballa. It is the spiritualization of the human kingdom which is desperately needed to restore balance and equilibrium to all planetary life. A hundred years from now, people of earth will look with shared puzzlement at our blindness to the obvious and simple solution: simplification.

A simple life does not mean deprivation and lack. Nor, does it require blindly rushing around, giving everything away, and ending up homeless. A simple life means soul enrichment and human fulfillment through service and sharing.

To live a simple life on planet earth begins with the meaning of a box. Ideas can often be exchanged more easily through symbols. On a piece of paper, layout an equal-sided box. This is the world of form and force; and contains within its rigid structure all of the gross materialization and limitations of physical existence.

Our interest lies in what is hidden, unseen, within the box. Draw a diagonal line from lower left to upper right. Two distinct triangles emerge, pressed against each other. This is the foretold union of Spirit and Matter; and the shared pathway of these two triangular lines merging is the reality of the hierarchal bridge of living Soul, return, rebirth, the pathway of simplicity.

Of the six apexes of the two merging triangles, there are two already blending and integrating (lower left and upper right). One points upward; one points downward. This is the confirming promise of the anticipated global synthesis of life and form.

Another simple truth is Life is Eternal. When this thought becomes embedded in an understanding heart, fear vanishes. Creativity thrives through continuity.

A third simple truth, Soul is Immortal. When this idea melds into a loving heart, guilt disappears. Acceptance of karmic accountability expands.

At some point in an earthly journey every human being reaches a moment of no return. They must make a clear choice. This is the unspoken privilege of free will. Choosing wisely is the power of the human heart.

When humanity arrives at such a moment, simple truths will be threaded into a clean tapestry of life lived within the land of simplicity.

Next time, we will examine known incidents of Shamballa’s impact on humanity throughout history and what they reveal. In the meantime, start a conversation. What is the role of heart light on humanity’s progressive creative thought? How does the support of heart add to the expansion of thought? Are we yet ready to think through solutions together?



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