Shamballa and Simplicity – part 2

In an historical time when everyone has an opinion, frequently devoid of truth and often framed by rhetorical extremism, it can be challenging to form a reasonable thought. Cogent ideas are often the first casualties in an era of fear and rampant emotionalism. We are all living through such an age.

There was a time, not too long ago, when hope and possibility were the dominant streams of emotional and mental energies. “We must make our homes centers of compassion and forgive endlessly.” When Mother Teresa uttered these few simple words, the world seemed larger and human hearts were more open. The impossible was considered a realistic vision. Whenever any of us looked up, we saw the rays of heaven.

Today too few of us believe in the power of stardust and our living planet is now transforming itself beneath our feet. Our collective human mind is being steadily bludgeoned by an endless bruising assault of world-wide crisis seeking solutions. Is it quite so surprising that we have forgotten how to dream and have difficulties being kind to each other? What caused such a radical transition from group hope to universal despair? The answer lies in the reality of our daily lives.

Humanity is devolving into an existence of separated silos maintained within a massive global construct called Glamour; and human beings are being diminished in consciousness by a calculated set of protocols. These ‘rules of the road’ were originally intended to sustain massive thought-forms of monetary, material, and military glamours. No where did they allow acknowledgement of an old woman who spoke of Love.

At its very core glamour is a transactional energy. It triggers negotiated exchanges: romance for sex, money for objects, weapons for heroes, and a promise of a seat at the power table for true believers. This dangerous global transactional energy only exists through the sheer force of separated will. Remove separations and the death of glamour ensues.

Today, man’s use of separated will reinforces the outreach of glamour into all human exchanges: an overly demanding parent, a bully at school, a road rage driver, an unthinking patron at a restaurant; influencers propped up by media, anonymous voices on social platforms who are devoid of fact and yet revel in the downfall of others. These are only a smattering of daily glamours popping up all over the world, and they share a darkly common cause.

In every instance, the glamour is self-created and self-inflicted. The birthing place of all human glamours can be found within the emotional theatre created by the separated self. All of us have contributed to the massive world-wide accumulation of these dangerous and destructive transient energies. All of us have played a part in distorting Humanity’s perception of Life, Purpose, and Plan.

What makes this time in human history both exciting and concerning is the clear direction of the questions facing every one of us. Will we rise to meet the many enormous challenges? Can we deconstruct our own glamours? Are we willing to participate in the re-creation of a more sustainable and equitable global paradigm? Are we truly willing to change? Enduring change begins with each of us within the human heart where the true light of willingness is born.

A miraculous event unfolds when we willingly choose to release the separated self and willingly identify with the Whole of Life. Self-glamours, held onto for decades, dissolve and melt away. We learn the truth about inner sight and see those around us through a richly spiritual lens. Their pain and sorrow, long masked by their own glamours, calls out silently for compassion. Instantly, we know how to respond: forgiveness endlessly.

In time, we realize that somewhere along the way we have also forgiven ourselves. Purpose is clearer, burdens are lighter, and joy begins to take up residence within our lighted minds. Our hearts are now woven into the fabric of our thoughts. Sight is whole and vision returns. Once again, all things imaginable are possible in a new direction. Our own self-chosen emotional cleansing has taught us simplicity.

As more people awaken and join the global ranks of those already in process of shedding their separated selves, Humanity will become more receptive to the real necessity for world-wide cleansing.

This approaching human transformation, out of the wilderness of willfulness and into the elevated sunlight of willingness, will prepare the way and make feasible an epic approach to the House of Shamballa.

We are not alone. We have never been alone. Loneliness is a contagious delusion, born of glamour, secreted within the separated self. There is a Plan, a Purpose, and a unifying way forward for all of Humanity. Two thousand years ago, the Christ showed us a clear path of transcendence. Throughout recorded human history there have been other voices whispering the same eternal truths.

Today, as Humanity straddles a cliff above an abyss of annihilation, we must each ask ourselves: do we choose the darkness of separated self or the light of wholistic truth? When we use light to dispel the darkness, we loosen the stranglehold of the separated will in favor of the exquisite synthesis of the Whole. We unify our will, our love, and the direction of our lighted journey towards a powerhouse of greater Life. Illumination is the way home.

Willingness is the spiritualization of humanity’s will within the light of Shamballa and the acknowledgement that home is Shamballa. In the centuries ahead when we all return, we will realize that a part of us never really left. Shamballa is the One God, the One Will, “the One Life in Whom we all live and move and have our Being”.

Human beings are lighted, creative suns of the One God searching for expression and freedom through power of choice. Humanity’s pinnacle of freedom will one day be reached by the unifying words “I am that and that I am.”

Humanity’s current awakening process is leading closer to a hierarchal expression of One Humanity growing into equality, blossoming outwards into brotherhood, and fulfilling an ancient commitment to cherish and uplift all life. This is the soul’s sacred duty which we are called upon to complete. How sublimely joyful to be enfolded into the all-inclusive whole as humanity’s north star of willingness guides our way forwards into ever richer, more complex, freely diverse expressions of all planetary life!



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