Some Thoughts on Gemini

The deliverance of mind

Gemini is the sign of the messenger. The Buddha and the Christ are considered the greatest of all the Messengers who have come to awaken humanity and to stimulate human progress on the spiritual path. According to the writings of Alice Bailey, the Buddha, who is the central focus of the Taurus full moon, was the culminating Messenger, for he summed up all the light of the past and demonstrated the innate possibilities of humanity. Christ gave humanity a vision of the next step, of what he made possible because he anchored the cosmic principle of love on Earth. At the Gemini full moon, the partnership of these two “brothers”, as Alice Bailey calls them, culminates in the release of the Shamballa force, which the Buddha brought to Earth at the Taurus full moon, into humanity through the cooperation of the Christ. Thus, the Gemini full moon is closely associated with humanity’s intended role in the divine Plan.

The capacity to span two worlds, the human and the divine, is an attribute of a messenger, which expresses through Gemini in the awakening sense of the dual nature of the human condition—of being both human and divine. As the writings of Alice Bailey put it, “Man is a living entity, a conscious son of God (a soul) occupying an animal body….He is therefore in the nature of a link….He unifies in himself the results of the evolutionary process as it has been carried on during the past ages, and he brings into that evolutionary result a new factor…an individual self-sustaining, self-knowing aspect.” This is expressed in the keynote of Gemini: I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.

Alice Bailey wrote that this factor of self-knowing produces in humanity a consciousness of immortality, a self-awareness and self-centeredness which give man the capacity to suffer. Each human being is, for a very long period of the spiritual path, a “composite being”—a pair of opposites: a lower self or personality—the outer form, the visible aspect—and a higher Self, the soul. And for a very long time, these two aspects of being are in conflict with each other. The recognition of what one is, and what one could be—should be—will be, was poignantly expressed by the apostle Paul when he wrote, “For the good that I would I do not; but the evil which I would not, that I do.”(Romans 7:19) Yet this dawning awareness of having wandered far from the center of life can become a propelling force for evolution, because this acute sense of duality arises only when a human being has become an integrated personality. At that stage it can serve as a potent disturbing force which energizes the personality to seek a higher way.

Under sufficient pressure, this “bifocal” vision of our humanness be turned to service, stirring the deep reservoir of compassion as well as of hope. Periods of great change and polarization, such as now, generate the conditions in which the fluidity and mental agility of Gemini provide an important influence, for Gemini is said to be the constellation of the resolution of the pairs of opposites into a fluid synthesis. This is accomplished when the mind, the great mediating principle, is motivated by love, for “love blends and fuses, understands and interprets and synthesizes all form and all expressions, all causes and all races, into one flaming heart of love”, the writings of Alice Bailey tell us. This realization gives us an insight into Helena Roerich’s beautiful paraphrase of the Buddha’s teaching: “Love is the deliverance of mind.”

This is the key to release from the dualities that would paralyze the world of human living. This insight provides the direction for overcoming the extreme polarization we see today and clarifies the right use of the energies pouring through Gemini. Let us work in meditation towards this goal.



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