Some Thoughts on Gemini

Love as the deliverance of mind

The spiritual task in Gemini is an elusive one in some ways, because it awakens both the recognition of the dualities and the need to reconcile them through the right use of the mind.  The realization that the nature of man is both human and divine—that “man is an animal plus a living God” as H.P. Blavatsky put it—poses a duality which can only be reconciled through the expansion of the mind.  The oscillation between the dual aspects of the mind, both higher and lower, is exceedingly difficult to calm, but when a fluid relationship is established between the various aspects of the mind, the goal in Gemini takes on new significance:  to become the messenger, “able to comprehend extremes and relate them to each other”.  This is compassion, the essence of the teaching of the Buddha, the Enlightened One, and it sheds light on why Alice Bailey’s writings call the Buddha and the Christ “the two brothers”, for their tasks are mutually reinforcing.  The Buddha’s essential nature of buddhi or light is related to the intuition or pure reason, which is an expression of the heart.  In turn, Christ, the embodiment of divine Love, proclaimed that he was “the light of the world”.  Pure love is a quality or effect of pure reason, we’re told; it is a quality of the awakened heart which can be contacted only through the mind, and only when love serves as its deliverer—its agent.  The Agni Yoga teaching summarizes this interplay beautifully by declaring, “Love is the deliverance of mind.”

These thoughts can help us to understand why, according to esoteric astrology, the underlying Love of Deity reaches our solar system primarily through Gemini.  Love is one of three keynotes associated with the full moon of Gemini, Alice Bailey wrote, the other two being Resurrection and Contact.  Resurrection is so closely associated with the Christian religion that it can be a challenge to perceive it afresh, but resurrection literally means “to rise again”; a dictionary defines it as “the act of bringing something that had disappeared back into use or existence”, which implies renewal and regeneration.  Esoterically, the way to resurrection is prepared by destruction, a potentiality that, we may hope, lies concealed within the suffering and loss which the Covid pandemic has caused for so many human beings throughout this past year. 

Contact, the third keynote of the Gemini full moon, is a quality that requires sensitivity to impression, recognition of an environment, and responsiveness to an area hitherto unknown.  For spiritual seekers, the full moon of Gemini is an occasion for the creation of a bridge to establish contact between the higher worlds of being and the lower worlds of manifestation.  Humanity’s role in the divine Plan is to serve as planetary mediator between the kingdoms or levels of consciousness above the human level and those below—the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms of the Earth which serve their unique and vital roles in the fulfillment of our planet’s evolutionary destiny.  These three words—Love, Resurrection, Contact—cast light on the keynote of Gemini, I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.  For eons the personal, lower self has provided the mask, the persona of ancient drama through which the actor sounded his lines.  But at a certain stage evolution requires the destruction of this mask, this shield, in order to release the indwelling light of the soul.  When sensitivity to contact with the higher realms of life awakens on a mass scale, it will be possible for humanity to fulfill its intended role as Mediator, and thus contribute to the needed reconciliation of the dualities and the repair of the existing cleavages.  In today’s polarized world, when the cleavages between individuals, groups, and nations might seem too great to bridge, the worldwide meditation of a dedicated group is an opportunity to contribute immeasurable spiritual support to humanity’s innate urge towards reconciliation.  Let us join in this worldwide act of unification.



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