The Creative Art of Meditation

A Service to Humanity

The present widespread and diverse interest in the subject of Meditation is evidence of a world need. This curiosity in the subtle realms of reality may be indicative of an emerging need for a clearer understanding of the meaning and purpose of modern daily life and its challenges.

Meditation is a potent form of service. Individuals are inherently creative. Everything that exists began in the mind, and by using the formidable creative power of our minds we can together make an invaluable contribution to the divine Plan of evolution and the building of a better world.

We usually think of meditation as a private practice to still the mind, connect with higher states of awareness, and prepare ourselves for our daily work. However, the worldwide challenges of the current crises are awakening us to the fact that each of us is susceptible to the power of the energies that pervade the public field of human endeavour. We are living within an everchanging field of energies and forces. The age old law that energy follows thought is palpable these days.

Scientists have told us and continue to tell us that everything is a manifestation of energy. There is nothing but energy, pouring through us, and working in us, and in it we are immersed. Slowly and gradually we are beginning to recognise that we have the ability to work constructively with and influence the energy field that we are part of. This realisation stimulates a curiosity that translates into an exploration that opens into a voyage of self-discovery.

“All through the succession of the world’s spiritual teachers, it has been reiterated that spiritual appeal, whether we call it prayer, meditation or invocation, enable us to contact and draw upon inner energies and bring them to our help on earth. This has been a matter of faith in the past, but we can also see it has a process of synchronising and attracting which works according to law. We set the wheel of creative thought in motion rightly and it gears us into greater energy flow.” – The Silent Path, p 133 by Michal Eastcott

The aims and objectives of the method and practice of creative meditation is to bring about a conscious relationship with the Soul that produces the furthering integration and its wisdom resource to infiltrate the mind and percolate into the activities of individuals and groups formulated as new ideas and ways of being that generate creative solutions.

The ability to harness the source of concepts and impressions from the realm of ideas and pure reason is facilitated by creative meditation. Working within the formless fields of thought enables the thinker to grasp the glimmer of an idea that reflective focused consideration works up into a more well defined mental template. This is then vitalised with the rightly motivated desire to fulfil the task of service. The act of manifestation and production is then undertaken and the finished product, whatever is being created – a book, a building, an article, a speech or a clearly defined constructive thought form can then be shared. The sharing of which is dedicated to lifting and aiding humanity as an act of service.

The Group for Creative Meditation was formed in the 1950’s in direct response to a Hierarchical request made by the Master Djwhal Khul to his group of Disciples. Roberto Assagioli responded to this with the help of Michal Eastcott and Nancy Magor. They described the objective of this now evolving creative meditation movement as being: To build the thoughtforms that are needed, and contribute to the strength and influence of spiritual qualities . . . : We do not necessarily initiate the thoughtforms that we work with because, if we are dealing with subjects like peace, compassion, enlightenment, they are already in existence in higher spheres. Our meditation is aimed at strengthening and clarifying them in the mental areas that we inhabit; they can be more influential and be tuned into with more facility by humankind – for we must remember that we share thought substance with our fellow human beings much as we share the air we breathe. It may be ours temporarily, but we share it in a subtle way; and a universal pool of thought substance encompasses us all despite our individualization. – The Silent Path, p 130

In Alice Bailey’s Discipleship in the New Age, the Tibetan Teacher, Djwhal Khul called for the creation of a group of trained meditators in every country who would simultaneously and unanimously meditate upon the laws and principles of the Kingdom of God upon which the influential rule of the Christ Consciousness [Soul Consciousness] would be founded: the Law of Right Human Relations, the Principle of Goodwill, the Law of Group Endeavour, the Principle of Unanimity, the Law of Spiritual Approach and the Principle of Essential Divinity.

The Group for Creative Meditation continues its work as a service activity and as part of this offers a course that introduces the interested explorer to the fundamentals of creative meditation that works with the Laws and Principles of the Soul in harmony with the worldwide group rhythm.

The individual who is learning to meditate is endeavouring to initially master the evolving art of ‘bringing through’ into the mind and brain a clearly developing concept. It is in this way that the meditator becomes aware of the realm of ideas within the formless fields of thought. The next creative talent to be learnt by the individual is to recognise inspirational ideas sourced from soul energies and not those sourced from the personality.

It is in this way that the serving creative meditator, both individually and as part of a group, assimilates and applies the skills of right interpretation and right transmission of the energies sourced from the ‘raincloud of knowable things’ within the subtle realms of the Kingdom of Souls.

The worldwide creative meditation service therefore connects the higher and lower realms of consciousness, infusing the collective unconsciousness with soul inspired forms of thought that are dedicated to building right human relations that give rise to goodwill and foster synthesis. The art and science of creative meditation is therefore a powerful and inspiring act of service that serves humanity.



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