The Doctrine of the Heart

From the holiest spheres of divine Life upon our planet to people everywhere, the flow of love ceaselessly flows, touching the hearts of all those who respond in some capacity. Quietly, and without fanfare, in the last one hundred years or so, there has been a momentum, by a growing number of meditators and visionary thinkers, to help relate in consciousness all aspects of our divine Life, so that a more integrated and responsive line of communication is established, aligning higher and lower.

The great chain of Hierarchy, along which travels the life and love of God, links kingdom with kingdom, soul with soul, serving group with serving group, and heart with heart, leaving greater beauty behind as it touches all in its path. Human consciousness – unfolding, expanding and deepening – stands at the threshold of the Abode of God. Straddled between two great Hierarchies of Lives, and pendant between heaven and earth, the heart of the group of world servers, ‘looks above and serves below’.

No spiritual group is an island. Each interacts and relates to other serving groups, inwardly and outwardly. Lines of light link server with server, and group with group. And, although working in a myriad of ways, using different methodologies, wielding energies of varying hues and potencies, formulating distinctive patterns of thought, and addressing diverse spheres of work, yet all are an intrinsic and integral part of the group of world servers. Serving the common good is their shared goal and purpose. Humility, a generosity of spirit, and goodwill are their watchwords.

Spiritually and symbolically, the heart is the medium through which love, goodwill and right human relations flow. The function of the heart in physical terms is well documented and understood somewhat by the medical and scientific communities, yet much still awaits revelation about this primary organ of the physical body. Its mysteries will emerge in the coming centuries. The spiritual sciences inform us that “the heart will be found to be not only the engine which circulates the life fluids, but also the generator of a certain type of intelligent essence which is the positive factor in the life of the cell.” If much still has to be learnt about the physical heart, then even more needs to be understood about its correspondence on inner levels. Hints about the symbology and significance of the heart from a philosophical and spiritual perspective are scattered throughout the spiritual Teaching of Alice Bailey. In one of her books, she writes: “The heart doctrine is based on the universal nature of the soul, conditioned by the Monad, the One, and involves reality….” As we transit into the Aquarian dispensation, the consciousness of the heart beckons, and contact with the ‘impressions’ of the cosmos will reveal their hidden wisdom. We are reminded in the Agni Yoga teaching that “Pure thinking, constancy, benevolence bring the heart energy into action.” The heart, the repository of love, the seat of life, leads to the subtle and sublime worlds. In like manner, the action of the group heart enriches the group life. Its beat brings a stability, a spiritual rhythm in harmony with the ebbs and flows of life; a wise sensitivity to individual, group, national and world conditions; and an alignment with the Christ, the World Teacher, and the planetary heart, the spiritual Hierarchy, the Kingdom of God.

Such have been the strides made in the capacity of humanity to measure up to its spiritual responsibilities that Alice Bailey wrote in the last century: “The control and the creative development of the three lower kingdoms in nature is slowly being taken out of the hands of the deva evolution (hitherto responsible) and placed under the supervision of mankind”. This is a truly profound statement. One has only to consider the proliferation of movements dedicated to animal welfare and the increasing domestication of animals in homes throughout the world; and the research organisations, horticultural societies, and the like, that are focused on working with the vegetable kingdom; and, the manner in which minerals are drawn from the depths of the earth, from land and sea, into the clear light of day, and fashioned by human hand and ingenuity to generate electricity for lighting, heating and for a myriad other purposes, such as in manufacturing, adorning the physical form, and creating the intricate infrastructure and transportation systems in villages, towns and cities across the world. Powerful currents of thought too, such as deep ecology, Gaia theory, green policies, sustainable development and of course the remarkable coming together of countries at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow have captured the attention of public consciousness over the last fifty years or so. All these initiatives and shifts in consciousness indicate humanity’s growing focus, awareness and responsibility to the lives in the animal, vegetable and mineral worlds.

The web of life is universal and all encompassing. Nothing can remain outside of the handiwork of God. Extra-planetary impulses are affecting the planetary rhythm and these influences are far-reaching. There is no escape from the universal play of energies. All proceeds according to law and cyclical activity. The steadily imposing Will of that great Life Who informs the constellation of Aquarius is changing the course of human development. The Aquarian Age with its emphasis on group development, service and the doctrine of the heart is upon us. Already its subtle impressions play upon receptive hearts and minds.

It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the heart of the group of world servers, men and women of goodwill and all spiritually inclined people are bringing about the interaction and blending of the auras of Hierarchy and humanity. The ‘Plough of the Lord’ has well-nigh prepared the ‘soil’, so that the fruits and splendour of the spiritual life can germinate, reveal its inner glory and metaphorically speaking cover the earth with ‘verdure’. A more spiritual culture is gradually superseding our present material civilisation and religious institutions. Dogma and theology are giving way to the impulse of the Hierarchy of Light, with its emerging culture of truth – “clear, factual, intuitive and non-dogmatic”. Life in the three worlds of human evolution is overshadowed by hierarchical intention and planning, in much the same way that the soul overshadows the personality, and from this there is no turning back.



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