The Dual Life of the Disciple

At the appointed time, there comes a turning point in the life of every human being on his or her sacred path, and for humanity too, the world disciple. The voice of the soul is not only sensed but actively engaged with, and triplicity is superseded by an ever-increasing recognition of duality, soul-personality, and spirit, leading inevitably to that phase called “the dual life of the disciple”. This point of attainment, described as “a life of outer activity and inner sensitivity”, is a path that stretches the disciple, the world server, on many levels of consciousness.

Not surprisingly then, and because of its advanced nature, “the dual life of the disciple” is a new and relatively unknown psychological ‘state of mind’ in the broadening consciousness of the human family. In this state of spiritual awareness, all sense of duality, ultimately, has to be understood, resolved, and worked through on the world stage in ‘physical brain consciousness’. And, while engaged in many directions – inwardly and outwardly – such as serving some aspect of the divine Plan; holding a focused inner attitude to the divine planes of awareness; and, consciously building the rainbow bridge that links the higher and lower minds; and yet, at the same time, attending to family and professional responsibilities, the server stands unmoved. This marks an advanced stage of evolutionary development. For those who are ready, opportunity is given in consecrated and deeper planetary service, which is the reward of those transcending the confines of strictly human experience.

At some point on the great path of Life, the period of the “dual life of the disciple” ends, the final frontiers of truly human experience beckon, duality gives way to the concluding finale of complete unity, desire for incarnation vanishes, the bondage of karma breaks, and liberation ensues. Soul and personality have been perfected, blended, and integrated, ahead lies the pure and formless realms of Spirit, the Monad, the One, the Presence. All that remains in the consciousness of the initiate is spirit-matter, the individual consciousness merged and absorbed within the WHOLE. Nothing is left but God.



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