The Dynamic of Goodwill

Life’s ebbs and flows, inflow and outflow of energies, invocation and evocation, are the rhythmic pulses, the beat that sweeps throughout the universe, our planet and our own lives. These orchestrated and purposeful movements of divine energy condition and play upon consciousness and form, breathing life and cultivating attributes in all evolving lives. “All forms exist”, we are reminded, “in order to express truth”1. We receive in order to give, and not to hold onto for our own selfish ends, but to release this abundance for the common good. One such flow that is in the ascendant today is the energy of goodwill.

“Goodwill”, Alice Bailey wrote some years ago, “can bring about world changes of a fundamental kind”2. And she went on to comment, “this dynamic power has never been employed. It can, today, save the world”3. These are thought provoking words and highlight its significance as a quality that many recognise as embedded in human nature. It is an intrinsic part of our psyche and dna. And such is the evolutionary development of the human family that it is working out in the lives of millions of people in probably all countries of the world.

Described as the highest manifestation of spiritual love that the human family is able to reveal at this time, goodwill is slowly becoming a defining quality of the modern world. It demonstrates as right relationships, not only within its own kingdom, but also to those lives above and below it.  Spanning the spiritual and material worlds, humankind acts as a lighted and intelligent bridge, bringing a practical inner vision and beauty ever closer into the world.

Goodwill though needs both a spiritual and mental foundation for it to flourish and anchor. Spiritual because this is the source, the fount from which it springs, the universal pool of energy, and the blueprint for the world. It needs to work out in constructive initiatives and projects in the human family. This can only be done when a mind or a group of minds are instrumental in carrying the vision down to address the deep seated and underlying human problems of our age, and there are many.

We may not be presidents, or prime ministers, or religious leaders, or CEOs of global organisations, wielding great power and influence, but nonetheless we can add our quota of clear lighted thought, coloured by goodwill, to the evolving planetary Whole. And this is perhaps far more potent, and in its own way far-reaching and beneficial to the general good, than perhaps we realise or care to admit. I am sure we are all familiar with the adage that one person thinking truth in her or his environment creates effects that reverberate throughout the ethers. Collective, lighted and noble thinking will, in time, sound the death knell of rampant materialism. It will lead to creative possibilities undreamt of today because for the first time in the history of our planet, humanity is responsive to both the Will of God in Shamballa and the Love of God in Hierarchy.  Three great streams of divine energy, will-to-good, love and goodwill meet on common ground.

So next time we visualise or express goodwill, think of it as a reflection of the energy, the impulse that galvanises the universe. It underlies manifestation and sets the train of evolution in play. For all life is working towards the good of the whole, of which we are all an intrinsic part. It is, quite simply, the dynamic motivating power of the universe.

Restless humanity is slowly, ever so slowly, finding its way back home, back to the Father’s House, which it left aeons ago, but this time with the accumulated wisdom, experience, and understanding that it lacked at the beginning of this remarkable journey of individual, group and planetary discovery and awakening.

At some point, in the not too distant future, a critical turning point will be reached, which will irrevocably swing the weight of public opinion, conduct and values on to the side of the Angels. We are probably not there yet, but possibly close. So, all human movements that have goodwill at their core, at their root, help to pivot the gaze of the human family to the Light. Two spiritual initiatives that are helping to cultivate goodwill and develop right human relations in society are Triangles and the Goodwill Meditation Group.

All those involved in the spiritual awakening of the human family from its deep slumber (immersed in matter) are drawn together to serve from many backgrounds, races, religions, and nations, and share a common vision, a collective purpose, and a developing group consciousness. These elements are instrumental in helping to build the foundations of a new dawn, rich in spiritual creativity, permeated with light and coloured by a universal goodwill. Such is the dynamic of this energy that we are informed: “Goodwill will draw forth from its holy secret hiding place the Exponents of Love, and thus the new world will come into being.”4

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