The Great Vast Middle

This is the story of a young soul’s journey into Light and arrival within The Great Vast Middle. Blessed with a curious, resilient nature and the universal freedom of thought, I was determined to understand the contagious dark angst plaguing mankind throughout recorded history. We live on a planet rich with natural resources, infinite material creations of wonder, boundless horizons of possibilities, and secure in the strength of family, stable social order, and our shared common humanity. So, why then are we so enduringly divided by fleeting, illusory imaginings?

Disappointed with the limitations and platitudes prevalent in organized global religious thought, the exploration of alternatives became a necessity. In Search of the Miraculous, All and Everything, Corelli’s collection, and all things Yogananda became living volumes. This led to New Age modalities promoting prosperity through thought: Ernest Holme’s Religious Science. Hay, Filmore, Emmanuel, Eckhardt, Walsch, Redfield, and others.

Then came the studies of Masonry, Rosicrucianism, esoteric astrology, unusual crystals, tactile Rune stones, the colorful Tarot, and the enigmatic I-Ching. Through it all, an abiding sense of dissatisfaction took up residence. There were pieces missing; life dots that did not all connect. Where was the unifying, wholistic canvas fulfilling the sublime promise of my original inquiry? Why are we so fragmented as a race while living in a world of such abundant Oneness?

It was then that I discovered Blavatsky. This led to Collins, others, and eventually the works of Alice A. Bailey. The path appeared; the way home led straight to Lucis Trust. The real work began, and my whole world flipped upside down. If you ask to understand angst, it is necessary that you experience angst. I lost my ability to intuit.

Years passed. Personal losses were followed by new-found strengths. Lifetime faults became glaringly apparent. New constructs of being were required. More years passed. Corporate career constraints limited what I could freely share.

I began to learn translation: how to frame abstract concepts in such a way that the average human being could find connecting dots within their consciousness. I went back to school, got licensed, and opened up a financial practice designed to integrate the material and the spiritual sides of our human existence. It worked by introducing the magical tithing principle. More years passed.

What did not work were my endless attempts to motivate others to seek out Lucis Trust. Instead, I heard the same response a million times over: we’re clients and very grateful for your guidance. Listening to you talk is always an eye-opener; but we’re not interested in joining a group. Family and friends also made it clear that while grateful for insights, none were interested in seeking out the source who had taught me! This became angst in its purest form. I was a complete failure. What was the point of knowing if you couldn’t aid another? How much greater the inadequacy when ‘the other’ was loved and facing painful demons?

I returned to basics: the practice of intentional control of speech. Harmlessness and the hard lesson of detachment soon followed. Buddha’s noble middle way became a lighted path of wonderment; compassion opened a doorway into understanding. Intuition returned; and I discovered how to really listen. A world of acceptance became a living reality.

Eventually, I retired and faced the final chapters in this life’s journey. A friend in the UK encouraged me to use my voice again; and I began writing articles for his blog. Given the tumultuous upheavals assaulting humanity on all fronts and the sheer scale of global need for transformation and healing, surely, I could do more. Pondering led me forward by reviewing what had brought me to this moment: the realization of The Great, Vast Middle.

When barely forty percent of humankind actually practice their religious faith, and rare is the individual who will be remembered as a great thinker, then it is left to the rest of us. We are the great, vast middle; and we need to learn how to talk with each other. It begins with listening.

Many years ago, a beloved teacher taught me the lesson of proportion with seven simple words, “you serve best where you find yourself” We all find ourselves within communities of diverse people whether rural, urban, or suburban environments. This is the place we can make practical improvements while supporting global transformations. There is a quote by an unknown author which reveals the universality and commonality of our journey. God is a Circle Whose Center is everywhere and Whose Circumference is nowhere.

Using this quote as a guiding principle, and recognizing that we humans experience the external events of life on interior planes of reality (thoughts and emotions), I set about to create a local forum as an outreach for the global work of World Goodwill. Weekly groups participating in the Group Goodwill Meditation after a brief talk; then closing with an open discussion period. There are different venues suited to this type of group work: yoga workshops, libraries, community and senior centers to name a few; as well as a host of different voices willing to listen and consider.

While the location is important, the purpose is paramount. This purpose was to recognize the hidden power within the great, vast middle, the missing link on our spiritual journey home, to bring about enduringly inclusive change. Humanity’s soundness is ensured by the living spark of Divinity within each of us – it is our common heritage. Whether the spark lies dormant or is in active overdrive isn’t the point. It is the very existence of the spark which holds the promise of invoking the energy of goodwill. World Goodwill serves as an example of the essentialness and the universality of the Divine presence of this healing energy within the human spirit.

For goodwill to become a global healing force, it must be deeply anchored in local ways within a community where it can freely express itself as unified good and inclusive will for the benefit of everyone. This is the practical application of the abstract concept Will-to-Good.

Time and again, throughout the ancient teachings, we are admonished to establish common ground through common sense – the sense in common. Yet, organized religion fails to unify, new age groups falter through personalization, and the arduous occult path draws too few. How are we then to stand on common ground? Perhaps, the great, vast middle is ready for translation. They are certainly crying out in need. Local groups strengthen a community while supporting global work. Serving as facilitator brings the gifts of empathy, humility, and humor.

This article is being written with the hope that everyone who reads these words is motivated to reach for the tools of unity (meditation, goodwill, inclusiveness) and begin a local goodwill group within their community. When you meet people who have never meditated, point out that meditation is really the story of human life. When they object to the use of the word ‘Hierarchy’, explain how we are each born into hierarchies with our first breath: family, social, corporate, religious, economic, and international. Avoid being a teacher; become a willing sharer. Respond to the dictates of Light Supernal by lending an open hand to those who reside in the great, vast middle – they are the embodiment of living goodwill.

Remember the importance of translation; and always provide safe harbor. Aren’t we all seeking remembrance of the One, each in our own unique way? For a moment, just imagine: Goodwill Groups in every section of every major city on the planet, Goodwill Groups in libraries, schools, universities, bookshops, government centers, a Goodwill Group at the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. This is the answer to my original inquiry; and our journey continues.



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