The Long Horizon

With all the deaths and difficulties that are occurring throughout the world today during this period of pandemic, it is difficult to understand why all this is happening now. But perhaps one way to shed some light on this worldwide happening is to try to see it all in a broader context of “the long horizon.” It may be that what is happening today– i.e., why we think the way we do psychologically, socially, medically, politically, and even militarily—is simply a stage in a long, unfolding process of human consciousness.

Let’s look at how this long unfolding process began some 500 years ago around the year 1500. General education at that time, in the western European countries, was very limited, mostly to the classes of the nobility and the orthodox church clergy. This lack of education among the lower class people posed a serious problem for God and His inner group of spiritual guides, led by the Christ, who could see the need for a more rapid growth of human consciousness because of what was coming in the near future—the new in-pouring energies of the coming Aquarian Age over the next 400-500 years. Humanity, at that time, needed to be better prepared to safely handle the potency of the coming new energies. Human consciousness needed to be more widely awakened and lifted up and become more creative. As you may know from a study of history over the past 500 years, much creative work, especially in the fields of art, architecture, painting, music and even in science, much creative work was accomplished, and is still being accomplished today.

But here it might be helpful to see a brief picture of what lies ahead; at least what is humanity’s goal, based on how the spiritual guides view it; what does at least a portion of humanity have to achieve over the next 300-400 years?

As the Aquarian Age energies pour in more strongly over the earth, they bring more potential benefit to a humanity who is ready and sufficiently awakened and able to manifest a new and more radiant quality of love and light throughout the world. This is the objective of the Aquarian Age; and this is emphasized in one of the books of Alice Bailey (Discipleship in the New Age Vol. I) where she lays out the training needed by a particular discipleship group; this is training that any person will need if he or she is ready to step upward in consciousness onto the path of initiation; such group training will help humanity prepare for the basic objectives of the New Age.

“ What is the larger objective? The groups have not been formed to train individuals. They have been formed (each of them) as seed groups for a definite and specific end. They are organised to provide channels in the world for the distribution of certain peculiar types of force which will work out into manifestation in specific ways.” Now as we are told, “Energy has always been manipulated by (God and His inner group of initiates) and distributed throughout the world.” Specifically these are “ energies used in relation to the awakening of the human consciousness, to the integration of the world of souls with the world of personalities; this has reference to the activities whereby the human kingdom can become a great station of light and a powerhouse of spiritual force, distributing it to the other kingdoms in nature” (Discipleship in the New Age Vol. I, pp. 52-53).

This passage goes on to say, “This manipulation of energies has (for centuries) been carried forward… but its effects have only been registered unconsciously by mankind. The spiritual guides have (speaking symbolically) rayed forth the light and distributed the water of life in a wide and general distribution with here and there (and rarely) some one isolated individual, responding actively and consciously. He thus became a tiny focal point of spiritual energy and light. Now it has seemed… possible to focus the light and knowledge much more definitely and to form groups on earth” (Ibid p.53).

Out of this work “ the New Group of World Servers came into being and the disciples and aspirants of the world, working on all the rays and under the guidance—consciously or unconsciously recognized—of the guides who are specifically pledged to help humanity. Thus a vast powerhouse and station of light has been formed. It is a diffused and widespread light and its channels are to be found all over the world, in every country and in every major city” (Ibid p. 53).

But all these good effects of the energies of the New Age can also produce bad effects, as well; they can produce conflict in the personality, and that seems to be much of what is happening today. When a person’s consciousness is focused on his or her lower self, in the solar plexus area, that is where even the in-pouring energies of love are drawn, and that is the area of the personality that becomes energized; all the bad feelings—selfishness, separativeness, greed, hatred, –become magnified and tend to control the outer expression of the personality. The higher quality of greater love is turned downward and thus apposing the upward trend toward refinement and purity being applied by the Law of Evolution.

But when energies are drawn to a person’s heart center, then those negative forces are replaced by selfless love, integration, cooperation and goodwill towards the greater whole; i.e., towards the good effects being given to earth by Aquarius. It is only when these good effects are more widespread and in control of decision-making by the citizens of the world that humanity will be ready and able to see and accept the hidden fact of the human soul and the existence of a highly refined group of Initiates Who are now and have for millions of years been helping to guide the growth and unfolding of human consciousness.

If one can accept this idea of a Spiritual Hierarchy (currently headed by the Christ) then one will be able to grasp the long horizon that lays out before us; and this should enable one to see that what is happening today in many parts of the world is simply part of a great, lengthy transition bringing many of the bad human tendencies up into the light where they can be judged and decided: is this the old path that we really still want to follow, or do we want to move up and follow the voice of the heart.

This is the path governed by love, but much more than just personal love; it is now a quality of universal love; a love that does not separate, but integrates; a love that transcends hate and leaves it behind in the dust; a love that illumines the fact that we in the human kingdom are actually an integral part of a greater plan that is being worked out by the Spiritual Hierarchy here on earth, and that we as a whole, have a great responsibility to follow this plan. This is the same energy of love that Christ planted as a seed two thousand years ago. So now let’s cultivate and grow this seed and let our little wills tread the path to the good. As an old saying goes: “goodwill is the touchstone that will transform the world.” And we are at a point now when this great transition needs to seriously take place. Oddly enough, the world war we are having with the COVID-19 virus is shedding light on many human frailties and strengths: are we willing to cooperate and share to save human life, or are we still selfish and care more for our own personal beliefs and freedoms? The light of Aquarius will illuminate the truth, if we let it. Truth is the long horizon to a loving world.



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