The New Flowers of Ideas

Today the world abounds in the power and communication of ideas, thought and planning. They underpin the very fabric of human life on a global scale. Ideas translate into laws, political and economic theories, scientific analysis, religious beliefs, educational models, and a lot more besides. The human world is a reflection of the working out of ideas, good and not so good. Into the melting pot of human creativity, the new flowers of ideas, the great concepts which underpin our evolutionary process, are too working their way through into the outer world. At the end of one cycle, and at the start of another, these new impulses from the very heart of the planet bring, so it is said, “beauty to the dusty plains of earth”. They are the vessels for new and transformative energies.

All that IS is ever present

Spiritual science affirms that “all that IS is ever present”. The whole universe can be considered as an ‘embodied thought’ or Idea existing in the Mind of a stupendous Thinker, God. In other words, throughout the manifested worlds, all that Deity requires to reveal in the universe is already present. The challenge lies in developing the response apparatus in consciousness to interpret what God is revealing and why. Of course, this is a gross oversimplification of what is essentially a profound issue, and one which even the greatest minds over the millennia have struggled with. But, nonetheless, all that we can hope is ‘to grasp what is possible at our particular stage of development, and leave eternity to reveal its hidden secrets’.

The portal of the mind

The physical and spiritual sciences have determined that essentially all is energy. So, perhaps, it is not surprising that when we think we actually manipulate and work with energy – mental energy. We relate with others and learn to understand the world around us, spiritually, psychologically and physically, through the portal of the mind. In like measure, our thought processes, reasoning and values determine who we are, and how we respond to the world and for that matter how the world interacts with us. The mind is the pivotal point of our development. It is probably no exaggeration to suggest that its role in human affairs is reaching unparalleled proportions.The play of evolution, the universal institutions of education, and the influence of culture and civilisation alike, are all instrumental in expanding human awareness.

The tide is turning

That is all very well and good, but, unless, the mind is coloured by goodwill, by right values and by a love of truth, then only the lower mental capacities are developed leading to selfishness and all the attendant consequences that follow. These lower aspects of human life are only too evident but the tide is turning. There are in the world today, countless millions of people of goodwill, drawn from all corners of the planet, from all races and from all religious beliefs, and none. They are the conscience of the world. They are attentive to the new progressive ideas. They have no outer organisation, which they use as a vehicle for their views and ideals, but rather their greatest strength lies in their subjective vision, their sense of justice and truth, divorced from factional party politics, outdated ideologies or religious fanaticism. They find cause on common ground: in their humanity, in their belief in the essential goodness of human nature, and in their values that reflect the wellbeing of the many, and not the greed of the few. They stand for what has been described as a ‘progressive righteousness’. Today, their numbers are growing, and their influence is waxing, to such an extent that it is precipitating a ‘cascade of crises’ in the world. Those who seek to try and hold back the tide of evolution, confront a formidable group who have a broader, wider and deeper vision. These clashing mindsets and world views, are a part of the deep seated crisis that faces the human family, and which are playing out on the world stage today.

Into the fray, into the already existent global crises, enters a global pandemic. This rampant microscopic virus assaults the body corporeal of humanity without fear or favour. Is it possible that covid, whilst sadly bringing about great suffering and distress, is forcing to the surface some of the deep seated world problems that are endemic in all societies? Is covid reinforcing our shared struggle and common values in the face of a planetary crisis? Is there traction too in the suggestion that the sustained conflict and stress – mental, emotional, and physical – which the human family is so prone to succumb to, lowers the resistance in the human body, and therefore leads in time to the outbreak of pandemics? We do not know for sure, but it is a possibility. Is this a wake up call for us to work in greater harmony amongst ourselves, and with the animal and natural worlds? Rather than plunder and exploit, for material and selfish advantage, we need to be more mindful that all lives, human and non-human, have their own divine destinies to fulfil, yet all are interrelated, and share a common home, planet earth. Perhaps, our physical and psychological well-being will increase immeasurably, as we learn to work in greater accord with the lives that grace the animal and natural worlds.

A collective goodwill

As we transit ever further into the Age of Aquarius, sharing and cooperation, will be pivotal in helping us to redress the rank inequalities in societies, to express the dignity of life, and to become wise custodians of the planet. These selfless qualities lead to the free flow of energies. They are cleansing and purifying in their effects, bringing about right relations and the right adjustment of form to the indwelling spiritual life. Perhaps we need to be more imaginative, ‘to think out of the box’, in order to bring about the necessary changes in the world?  But one thing is clear, a collective goodwill, from those in positions of power and influence, and from the many millions of right thinking people throughout the world, will be the driving force to bring about a successful conclusion to the immediate crises around us. Just think of the collective constructive psychological effect that tackling the many long standing global issues will bring. Is it not beyond the measure of humanity to resolve the deep seated problems in the world? We created them, so we have the responsibility and capacity to solve them.

Just as a competitive spirit, and the pursuit of selfishness, at the expense of others, have coloured human civilisation in the past, so a culture of the soul and the clarion call of mutual cooperation will sound clearly in the future. It is audible today. It is quite possible that new breakthroughs in the realms of science, for the benefit of all humanity, will unfold, once we begin to live in greater harmony amongst ourselves, and with the other, non-human lives that live ‘side-by-side’ with us on the planet.

The new flowers of ideas, displaying the Aquarian principles and values, are visible. Their scent is alluring and appeals to the higher senses, the noblest in human nature. The future world structure is emerging from certain inner thought patterns and nothing ultimately can arrest the working out of the Good Law.



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