The Path of Love

One of the more challenging requirements of The Path of Love is the great lesson of impersonal-ness. Learning why and how to detach from all and everything in the world of form, while remaining a vital and active participant in the physical reality, will test the mettle of the hardiest aspirant to the extreme.

Nature abhors a vacuum; human nature shrinks in terror when facing a void. This is the moment when the law of substitution proves to be of incalculable value. The gaze of the aspirant must turn away from that which appears to be receding; and place their full attention on the far distance and that which is steadily approaching.

Pure Love is All. These four words are worthy of repeating: Pure Love is All. Such a deceptively simple concept could unleash the immense transformative power needed for a global elevation of all planetary life. Pure love is all, life is simply time and space; therefore, the waiting locus of evolutionary growth and change is everywhere. Where do we begin? We begin within – where consciousness resides.

Another deceptively simple, yet revealing, concept is that love is the only existing feeling in the whole of Life. The spectrum of human emotions (emoting energies) is, in its entirety, a distortion of pure love. Much the same way that looking at the sun through a cloudy glass of water becomes a distorted illusion of the true sun.

This life-affirming feeling of pure love resides in consciousness and emanates from the unseen source of the originating life-force which vitalizes and animates all the many life-forms on this planet.

As spiritual beings journeying through this human experience, we step down and narrow these pure, qualified energies to the human plane and express (emote) them as a touch of tenderness, a kind smile, an empathic connection, or a compassionate act. Yet, these emotions (emoting energies) remain the impulse of Pure Love.

Negative expressions (emotions) are also rooted in pure love; but they become wildly distorted and corrupted by ignorance of this central truth. The antidote to ignorance is empathy and ethics in an educational paradigm which cultivates a fundamental understanding of the cohesive wholeness of Life. This purifies the heart center of one, a group, a community, a nation, and a planet.

This purification of consciousness allows the heart center to willingly settle into repose which then invites the animating Universal impulse of pure love to flow unimpeded from Spirit to Soul to form – all living forms. In the human experience, consciousness becomes imbued with Soul; and Life and Love are recognized as synonymous terms of unification.

In the eyes of Soul, all forms are expressions of love. The entirety of a single life is realized as a passage on a page in a chapter of a great, unfinished book. In the eyes of Soul, human consciousness perceives this passage as the living embrace of the only existing feeling in the whole of life: pure love. All sensing, thinking, sharing, experiencing is informed and intuitively guided into greater expansions of group expression.

The old life of the individual is shed; the new life is re-shaped into a representation of harmonic synthesis. All the endless assumptions which led to false conclusions are released into the dust heap of irrelevancy. The whole being takes up residence in the field of Soul while working in the world of form.

The beginnings of impersonal-ness energize creative actions with infinite impulses of relational wholeness. Judgements are replaced with harmlessness. Detachment fills the empty space of attachments long since exited. Grounded faith, borne of the fresh newness of becoming, washes over the aspirant with boundless joy.

The simple, steady surety of pure love and eternal life sustains the ongoing work of group transformation. The totality of Life is now lived.



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