The Power of Thought Beckons

Humanity has plunged the depths of the oceans, ascended the heights of the great mountain ranges, explored the surface of the planet – north, south, east and west, observed the dance of sub-atomic particles, walked on the moon, and gazed at the very depths of space. Science has brought us to a greater awareness of the three densest levels of the physical plane. Understanding of the ‘outer garment of God’ has been somewhat breached by the patient, methodical and intuitive approach of the scientific communities down the ages. But it will not give up its secrets lightly. And, quite probably, only when human consciousness has achieved a greater measure of spiritual maturity will more be revealed.

Perhaps two outstanding examples that lie ahead in the not too distant future, and which are on the verge of ‘discovery’, are the harnessing of nuclear power through a process of fusion (rather than fission) and the recognition of the etheric nature of all forms. These revelations will have a profound effect in the affairs of the world.

Yet, paralleling these outer developments is a movement, on the part of the human family, inwards to the archetypal planes, to those formless levels that give life, colour and form to the outer world. Awakening, meditative and intuitive minds are creating a bridge between the spiritual and the material.  ​And such is its significance that the final frontiers of truly human experience beckons, which with the passage of time will reveal the higher and wider reaches of this monumental plane, of the mind, in human and planetary evolution.

The introduction of a universal system of education, the development of the physical, political and economic sciences, and the contribution of business and commerce, are opening up the vistas of the mind to foster human evolution. Likewise, the focus on positive thinking, mindfulness, Eastern spiritual philosophy and meditation, all are helping to develop a higher dimension in spiritual thinking. The Atlantean consciousness, of desire tinged with the spark of mind, is fairly rapidly becoming superseded by an Aquarian consciousness in which the mind plays a spiritually creative, pivotal and purposeful role in the affairs of humanity. The human family is moving ever closer to the realms of God in its relentless journey on the evolutionary path.  The significance of the power of thought beckons, and just as the physical sciences have attracted the attention of thinkers down the ages, so the science of thought will unfold, in like measure, for future generations. Not without good reason has it been said that “the whole trend of evolution is to bring about ability to build in mental matter”.

These developments are a turning point which the Elders of the Race have patiently waited for and worked towards since the dawn of time. On the plane of mind, lies the origins, and the goal of humanity. It is so all-encompassing that the position, measure and direction of the human family in the cosmic Plan starts to become apparent, and all that has come before it is but a prelude to something vaster. The grand panorama and sweep of manifestation, consciousness and life itself is revealed somewhat to the intuitive mind that touches the higher reaches of this wide and rich expanse.

Spanning the light and the dark, life and form, a rainbow bridge is woven to eventually release and lift the evolving consciousness out of the purely human stage of evolution onto spiritual levels. Many incarnations will lie behind before the server can begin to construct this bridge and carve out a lighted path back to the Father’s House. It is a journey without exception that every human being will one day tread, but few have trod it yet.

As we transit out of the Piscean into the Aquarian dispensation, the whole thrust of the modern world can be seen in one sense as a universal movement towards the development of the mind and the unfoldment of a rudimentary group consciousness. People are increasingly brought together, to harness the creativity of thought in specific projects. When a group of minds focus on a central idea whether in politics, business, science, law, or spiritual or humanitarian work, through a ‘blending’ of minds, there can emerge a clearer direction in working out a specific purpose in the world of form, which may be for selfish or altruistic purposes.

The whole universe can be considered as an ‘embodied thought’ or idea existing in the Mind of a stupendous Thinker, God. All is working towards the good of the Whole. This ‘thought’ has not yet reached the apotheosis of its achievement or purpose, but all lives are slowly conforming themselves to the underlying idea, as the pageant of evolution rolls ever onwards into the limitless expanse of infinity. In our work of thought-form building, we develop the characteristics of the Great Architect of the Universe Who brought all into manifestation, into cyclic activity, so that the “pattern of things in the Heavens”, can be reflected on earth through the portal of human consciousness.

Through the group of world servers, the energy of goodwill is released into the outer world in projects that have at their core, and at their heart, the advancement of human life. All forms, it has been said, exist “in order to express truth”. And, truth like consciousness, is an ever changing landscape, as we awaken to the higher realities, and vaster presentations of truth, in our evolving group life, and beyond into the wider realms of the human family. There is only ‘One Absolute Reality’, and this central axiom lies at the heart of the esoteric sciences, and all the lesser revelations, truths, expansions of consciousness, and ‘identification(s)’ with the Godhead lead to the central mystery and purpose of Life.

We work in thought to create those living forms, embodying spiritual principles and values, that bring light, beauty and truth to the world, and that serve the immediate needs of the human family. The power of thought beckons. And it is sobering and humbling to consider that the stage of evolution that we are rapidly approaching is but “the very starting point of the great struggle…” the steep path which leads ultimately to the transcendence of form and complete identification with the Godhead. The journey home has begun.



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