The Priceless Alchemy of Consciousness

In the dense world of form, dynamic and expressive arcs of compassion – free of personal constraints and ever-flowing outward in wider sweeps of inclusiveness – are a rarity. In the lighted world of Spirit, this is commonplace.

In the narrow world of man, a belief in God’s Plan as having been designed for man alone is commonplace. In the world of Soul, this is unthinkable.

The living oceanic energies of active impulsive Love recognize no boundaries, permeate all forms, and animate all shapes equally. There is no fragmented concept of ‘either-or’. A divisive ‘us-them’ mind-set is unheard of; and would be viewed with spontaneous disdain.  

In the world of Spirit, true equilibrium is Synthesis: the full, complete embrace of Divinity’s Plan for All Life. A graceful dance of relationship within the universal orb of Divinity’s ecosystem.

Both the blessing and the bane of man’s existence is his unique consciousness. It has moved us from the ‘dark ages’, through the centuries, into an even darker time now of gross materialism. Yet, humankind’s ability to perceive, to comprehend, to create, and to empathize are the very cornerstones of thought – all human thought.

But, what about those living thoughts which exist in serene nirvanic bliss above the human experience? Soul-thought? Christ-thought? Buddhic-thought? Hierarchial-thought? Shamballic-thought?

Are we destined to ever remain far below looking up? Merely to expound upon our individual theories and interpretations of original intent? Are we never to reach fulness and embrace true equilibrium through synthesis?

Or, can we jump-start our journey by creating an innovative new mental paradigm for Humanity based upon collective elevation through collective expansion? Could this be the secret alchemical elixir of human consciousness? The direct approach which could weave a blessing and a bane into a visionary pathway of new frontiers of consciousness?  

As with all journeys, it begins with the first step – or, in our case – the first thought. Goodwill and inclusiveness are timely, expansive human thoughts encouraging the implementation of practical actions which serve the betterment of the whole.

An ideal global example would be the 17 targeted goals of the United Nation’s SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals.

A common local example could be voluntary contributions (time as well as money) to community projects. An individual example might be an intentional transformation of being through the discipline of directed loving thought.  

The over-arching concept present in all three examples is that great expansions of consciousness are initiated by pure thought. Loving energy follows thought, all vital thought. Evolutionary change, through thought, is essentially the progressive story of human life down through the ages.

The rich alchemy which created such an impressive list of Humanity’s ancestors, known for their great leaps in human thought, was wrought through structured fires of purification pushing past self-imposed limitations and invoking wide expansions of consciousness.

It is this ability, to include that which had hitherto been unseen, which lies at the very heart of an expansive, elevated consciousness.

Well, here’s a thought. What would human life look like a generation from today if we each began and supported individual, local, national, and global campaigns to elevate all human thinking by expanding possibilities in human consciousness?

If we actually promoted, through the power of Love and Will, all thinking men and women of goodwill into positions of influence and inclusive decision-making what would be the resulting evolutionary changes?

Would we not be elevating Humanity’s collective consciousness onto a lighted plane of true home – One Race, One World, One Life?

In this critical moment of potent possibilities, we hold the power to make 2050 a renewed celebration of elevated Life. What will we choose?

Just a thought, for your consideration.



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