The Sacrifice of Selfishness

In a world where literally billions of souls are struggling mightily on a daily basis, the singular journey of any one life does appear somewhat inconsequential; except, when measured through a spiritual lens intent upon an impersonal review. Lessons learnt and insights gained then become an offering, a sharing, to others which may carry a bit of hidden value.

While I lack the hubris required to make such a bold statement as ‘what the world needs now is …’, I do propose a quietly simple premise: the sacrifice of selfishness is utterly and completely life-changing. The joys which begin to flow effortlessly from the willing embrace of The Sacrifice of Selfishness will suddenly seem quite precious and priceless. So, I begin.    

Tumultuous early years, plagued with family dramas, upheavals, and constant change, do more than deny any semblance of true childhood. In this crucible of impermanence, the years will instill resilience, adaptability, a well of self-reliance, and an incurable optimism about possibilities which lie just beyond and over the horizon.

“To Thine Own Self Be True” implodes into a daily mantra of self-accountability; and when the intoxicating call of the larger world can no longer be denied, the door of childhood firmly closes and adulthood beckons. An outline of a self-directed life begins to form deep within consciousness; then, takes up residence in a willing heart and marks all future choices, actions, and behaviors with singular intent.     

Millions of mistakes will be made; friendships with countless wonderful souls will be bestowed; falling in love will match the change of seasons with an uncanny rhythm; and every measure of success will be preceded by a string of memorable failures. Growing into full bloom will unleash a powerful scent of light or dark; then, reveal a hidden character of honor, or lack thereof. Such is the journey of human.   

Human life is messy, exhilarating, terrifying, chaotic, and noisy; yet, it can also be quiet, contemplative, serene, and other-oriented. Understanding the wide spectrum between these two scenarios can be found in how we define sharing. Every human being has their own definition of sharing dictated by their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in life. I am no different.

My perceptions are framed by and colored with the moments of this human visitation. We are visitors to this planet journeying through the world of form: existing for one shining moment in time, discovering old limitations, exploring new expansions, and sharing in a celebration of the boundless joy of sharing – if we are truly lucky. Let me explain.

Through a spiritual lens, to be human is to discover divisiveness and uncover duality: born into a world of form, separated by the shape of personhood, now learning to express in an entirely new creative world of relationships.

In the distant world from which we came, temporal form simply does not exist. Synthesis, Wholeness, and Unanimity are the heartbeat of Divinity. We are love fragments of soul-light. Born as individuals into the whole of Humanity, destined for a greatness far beyond the theatre of a separated self. Shall we shine brightly or darkly? Eventually, we choose between separate and whole, between self and group.  

Family groupings, friend groupings, work, community, national and international groupings – nothing of value can be accomplished in this world of form without a core group. Every human grouping carries a set of requirements and rewards held within a construct of laws and standards of conduct which are implicitly designed to promote and protect the lifeblood of the group.

From the smallest grouping (two people) to the largest grouping (the whole of humanity) we each are called upon to sacrifice parts of ourselves in order to join, blend, merge with ‘a group’. From this perspective, three questions emerge: which parts are we required to sacrifice? How are the concepts of sacrifice and sharing so inextricably linked? And what is the quality and the purpose of our sharing?    

In this world of form – with few exceptions – the universal model of group is based upon the dual premises of assume and personalize. Ponder this for just a moment.

In every relationship how many assumptions have created grief and strife? In these same relationships, how many times have you, or another, suffered because of an ingrained habit of taking everything personally?

How many wars have been fought, because people assumed, rather than listened? How many divorces have destroyed family units, because the accumulated slights and hurts could not be forgiven?

How often at your place of work have you walked away in irritation, frustration, because ‘the other person didn’t get you’? The list of human failures to understand the true heart of relationships is endless. In the world of Spirit, it’s much simpler.

We begin with a simple idea: everything in this world of form is a relationship. The mountains, seas, deserts, trees, plants, animals, rivers, lakes, and the air we breathe with birds flying high overhead, is in a living relationship with each of us. The streets, buildings, and transports in our cities; the open, rich farmlands down country roads, the people we meet wherever we go – all this is a dynamic, living relationship of Divine Impulse – a sublime ecosystem of creativity.

When we feel a strong impulse to join a group, we are responding to an internal awareness of a creative connection, a relationship. Every group we join – marriage, a family, the corporate world, a garden club, a yoga class, non-profits, friendships made – each are so much more than the concrete choice to connect, to relate.

On energetic and unseen planes of living consciousness, each joining is in actuality a form of spiritual initiation. We are initiating a sacrifice of self in order to relate and share with the group.

This sacrifice made in the world of form is recognized through a spiritual lens as the making sacred (sacrifice) of the We (sharing); and an acknowledgement by the   separated self (personality) that the journey (Soul) of return to the One (Spirit) has begun.  

From this perspective, the more we shed assumptions and personal-ness the more we are redeeming parts of the separated self and preparing for future initiations.  

From this perspective, there will grow a dawning realization that ‘the parts we sacrifice’ will one day (a future life?) willingly become the ‘the whole of self’.          

From this perspective, there will evolve a deep understanding of the difference between self-consciousness (personality) and the Self-Consciousness (Soul).   

From this perspective, the world of form is understood as darkness; the world of Soul becomes known as Love and Light. Knowing the necessity of personhood, facing the challenges of reaching fulness, only to choose to relinquish all in the sharing of Group, is the sacred destiny that awaits. No one can freely give up that which they do not already possess.  

From this perspective, redemption is the conversion of dark into Light, separate into Whole. The qualitative, evolving process of sacrifice is the making sacred of ‘That which lies within’ – reaching out towards ‘That which lies beyond’ – and one day finding freedom in ‘That in which we live and move and have our being’.

From this perspective, the well-known quote in the opening, “To Thine Own Self Be True”, can be seen in fading relationship to the little, separated self. Suddenly, these simple words begin to levitate with magnetic resonance; and consciousness finds a truer plane of meaning: the Self, Soul.  



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