The Soul’s Power of Choice: Compensation on the Way

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series:

An ancient habit in Humanity’s subconscious is the pronounced and deeply held belief in misery. Acceptance of suffering and sorrow as necessary in every human life is a universally promoted idea throughout all of the world’s religions and cultures. The fundamental tenet, shared by all peoples, is that we humans exist to learn; and pain is the enforcing equalizer of obedience. This ancient subconscious thought has rooted throughout centuries of encouragement and grown into a powerful misery index that will not be easily defeated. This global misery index has framed the journey of nations, dictated harsh social mores, formed corrupt governments, informed our code of personal conduct, and foreshadowed the failures of mighty civilizations throughout the ages. 

Although the basic statement holds hints of universal truth, the distorted conclusion drawn is utterly false to the essence of our shared humanity. We are not pre-destined for suffering and sorrow; we are divinely constructed for creative choice. True creative choice begins with our collective acknowledgement of our unique capacity for thought and our ability to emote pure love. It is this capacity, in combination with this ability, which elevates humans above all other living beings and requires that we be responsible caretakers of their well-being and of all life. The capacity to conceive a thought, and support its lifeblood with pure emoting loving energy is the hallmark of a creator. We exist to create. What is the quality of our creations to date?

The soul’s power of choice, bequeathed to us through free will, is the golden key of liberation from all suffering and sorrow that swings open the massive gates leading to compensation on The Way. The Way is consciousness, and compensation is the exquisite simplicity of knowing that “True North” was never a destination; but, rather a state of being in love. Love becomes the Way when you exercise the soul’s power of choice by claiming dominion over consciousness. Three creative laws are simultaneously triggered: the law of substitution, the law of economy, and the law of group progress. No longer are we subjected to the moronic utterances of the subconscious misery index. The law of substitution replaces material negatives with their spiritual positives. The law of economy ensures wise use and distribution of emoting energy, and the law of group progress invokes consciousness of other thereby supplanting subconsciousness of little self. In an instant, the falsehood of separation is understood. We become creative flames of Spirit using a form vehicle to create an open pathway into loving actions and relationships. When we exercise our creative power by commanding Soul to flood consciousness with lighted purpose magic begins to happen and we discover our true home in a truly joyful Life. All of this begins with a single, creative thought. If a thought cannot be lovingly conceived, it will not find its counterpoint, manifested form, ever being born. Thought, form; conception, birth. This is the very soul of the creative process: whether cosmic, global, or individual. This is the glorious and universal compensation for those who walk The Way.



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