The Soul’s Power of Choice: Facing Evil

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series:

In Part One we began with the power of thought and touched upon the interior transmutation required to transform consciousness from the separated self into a vital, living awareness of other; and the deeply spiritual connection to Group which follows. Now, as we prepare to learn group dynamics, we find ourselves facing the reality of evil. Evil in thought becomes evil in feeling which expresses outward as evil in action. Evil is present on all levels and planes of existence, be it: cosmic, global, national, or individual. Cosmic evil is beyond the scope of this article. We are concerned with Humanity’s interaction with the cause and effect of evil.

All evil has its roots in illusory fears; and all fears stem from either the absence of or a distortion of enduring faith. To become fearless in the face of evil compels the disciple to discover the higher elevations of faith. Faith, in the final analysis, is the lighted flooding presence of Spirit. Where Spirit lives, love thrives. When Spirit is absent, evil seeds of divisiveness, competition, prejudice, and racial bias percolate into outer manifestation and chain the soul of man to a darkly lit existence.

Fears will dominate men’s torment as long as humankind persists in reacting to the material notion of separation as an incontrovertible fact of existence. This ancient illusion has become humankind’s collective dark shadow embedded within each thought, feeling, and reaction played out in daily living and spilling over onto the world stage of chaotic global events. There are higher laws in life than mankind’s legislated rules. We are one people, on one planet, sharing one life. Has the time not come for us to learn and master the principle of sharing? Sharing is the essence of group work. Boundaries dissolve, limits disappear, and the disciple discovers the unmitigated joy of unified purpose through service to the   body whole. Transforming ancestral evil roots of subconscious separation into a lighted faith-filled consciousness, imbued with spiritual energies of healing love, is the challenge facing every disciple. John Donne’s line: No Man is an Island speaks poignantly of this central challenge and this destined renewal.  Humanity’s evil can be overcome through the unifying spiritual power of Group. It is Group Light that opens men’s minds; it is Group Love which steadily soothes and transforms men’s hearts; and it is the benevolent transparency of the Group Gaze which eventually heals men’s lives. Group meditation aids the creative forces seeking to unleash a spiritual renaissance and establish the Laws of Elevation as living guideposts along the Infinite Way. Facing evil becomes a metaphorical rebirth of self into Selfless for all humankind.



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