The Soul’s Power of Choice: Maintaining Joy

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series:

This is not an easy time for any human being. Our planet is sick and we, humankind, are dying. We are all reeling from the enormity of the challenges before us. The sheer scale and magnitude of these dual crisis, climate change and a pandemic, overlaid with a possible economic collapse, are at best daunting, and at worst terrifying. Paradigms of greed are shattering, institutions of autocratic control are crashing, and societies built on subservience are failing. This is the global crucifixion of our materialism and the resurrection of our spiritual birth right. If there were ever a time for JOY, the need is NOW. We have entered the deep darkness of Humanity’s long night of sorrow. Maintaining joy during this time is our shared pathway into a new and wondrous daybreak, a daybreak of boundless and untold beauty.

We are witnessing the seeds of this splendid tomorrow being lovingly planted today. Mankind’s newest groups of celebrities are before our eyes: health-care workers, food providers, and the essential services personnel in every corner of the globe. Leaders who have failed us all are being eclipsed by courageous others who have risen to meet the needs of this desperate hour. Teachers world-wide, the underpaid and under-appreciated caretakers of knowledge, have taken possession of teleconferencing and continue instructing our youth, our future leaders. Scientists, a collective voice of reason, are once again speaking ‘truth to power’ and the public is listening. Ordinary people are performing extraordinary acts of human kindness and compassion without applause or fanfare. Goodwill citizens everywhere are waking up to the new empowering reality of any citizens anywhere: we are all global citizens living together on one small planet. We will stand together and survive as One Humanity; or we will fracture, fail, and fall into an oblivion of division and separation. This is the Soul’s Power of Choice. Look around and you will see bonds of togetherness growing stronger, you will hear clear voices of sharing speaking louder, and you will feel human hands and arms lifting strangers higher.

This is not a time to be fearful; this is a time to be faithful. Faithful to the covenant of life, the affirmation of family, friends, co-workers, and the ultimate equality unveiled by loving all. We are all children of the One, visitors to the earth, and students in the school of great cosmic life. In the succinct words of Mabel Collins, “To the ‘one who walks’ birth and death are the two parts of one action. An incarnation is a footstep in the sands of time.” Let each one of our footsteps be joyful in the sands of our time. Joyful in the knowing that this darkness which has descended can and will be lifted: in time, with effort, and beyond hardship lies daybreak. Joyful in the sharing of all we are while sensing this sharing speaks to the very sacredness of all life. Joyful in the quiet honoring of all that lives, has lived, and will live. And finally, joyful in daybreaks brilliant light of unconquerable truth: Life is Eternal, the Soul is Immortal, and the only gift of true value is Love.



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