The Theory of the Evolution of Light

The spiritual sciences teach that when life and form, or spirit and matter, are brought into close proximity, then light (the soul) appears, consciousness is born, and the long journey of evolution begins. This process is known as The Theory of the Evolution of Light. From a strictly human perspective, the purpose of life is the unfoldment of spiritual qualities that reflect the nature of divinity. Consciousness is the abiding link that unalterably binds together spirit and matter for an indeterminate period. This is a journey of immense proportions. It leads each individual life from one expanse of consciousness to the next. In truth, a pilgrimage that has no beginning or end, for all evolving lives throughout the universe are in a state of ‘becoming’. The sacred sciences teach that there is only “One Absolute Reality”, “One Boundless Immutable Principle”, which is forever beyond human understanding, and which even the highest illumined Minds upon our planet (so we are informed) are unable to fathom. Reassuringly, though, eternity itself will reveal its hidden mysteries, its pearls of wisdom and its hallowed secrets.

Energy streams

We live in a vortex of energies and influences, visible and invisible. Their kaleidoscopic interplay from planetary, systemic and cosmic sources, is not without significance. Their impact, as the perennial philosophy explains, is: “a chaos to the sense, a cosmos to the reason”. It is the intuition or pure reason alone that penetrates through the dense veils to the luminous, archetypal levels to discover the eternal verities, the underlying truths that shape our picture of the universe, and of each part in the evolving Whole. All energy on its passage down to and up from the physical plane, passes through the planetary etheric. This vast force field makes “all relationships possible”, through the interconnectedness of the individual, planetary, systemic and universal energy fields. Every form is interrelated, and vast streams of energy constantly circulate throughout the macrocosmic Whole. These omnipotent, multifarious waves traverse the voids of space, and whether we realise it or not, their influence, subtle yet powerful, are keenly felt within the expanding consciousness of the human family. Conditioned by patterns of energies that develop ever finer strands of feeling and thought, human life is immeasurably enriched. It is a truism to state that our destiny is read in the heavens, but written on earth. Perhaps, one day, an in-depth study will be published on the impact of zodiacal, ray, and other cosmic, systemic and planetary energies that have shaped human consciousness over the millennia. But until then we struggle to grasp its implications. And, just as the sun’s light ceaselessly plays upon and sustains physical life on earth, so other subtler and sublime impressions help to evolve the psychological and spiritual life within the form, in all the kingdoms of nature, not just the human. But, in more recent times, it is here, in the human family that there has been an “interruption of impression” and an “interference with the divine circulatory flow”. By and large, there has not been a reciprocal activity on the part of humanity to absorb and release divine energies for the betterment of its own kingdom or for the upliftment of the little lives that constitute the three lower kingdoms. But this is changing with the passing of each decade. The human family is awakening from its deep slumber and learning to become a wise custodian of the planet.

Emerging patterns

The new emerging patterns inspired by divine intention that will ultimately colour human life for generations to come are, if not already, on the verge of flowering in human consciousness. Not surprisingly, these impressions are sensed in the creative minds of visionary and intuitive thinkers. Their presence is palpable and their beauty, light and aroma are alluring to the spiritual senses. They carry the seeds and the note of the future Aquarian order, and their descent into the world of form for the benefit of the Whole has begun. Ideas, it is said, are but simply “channels for new and desired divine energies”; and, ideals are “these ideas changed or reduced into thoughtforms, and thus presented to the public”.

A Cascade of Crises

Ideals change the human landscape. The interaction of the old and the new ferment friction. Indeed, it has been said that humanity has “the habit of crisis”. Throughout its long journey, spanning endless cycles, the human family has progressed from primitive beginnings, little removed from its animal roots, to a relatively advanced civilisation and culture in which the abode of the mind and the realm of ideals are forging a new enlightened era. Nonetheless, a cascade of crises confronts humanity, born of indifference and abject selfishness.

Patterns and events repeat themselves on ever higher turns of the spiral in order to impress spiritual truths more adequately in consciousness. In other words, we may not learn a lesson fully on the first pass. It may require further cycles of experiencing similar circumstances to, once and for all, reinforce the message. We see events in the world today that we thought or hoped we had passed beyond decades ago, only to see them resurface in a new guise, but importantly in the light of an accumulated wisdom and from a deeper perspective.

The events working out on the world stage are a significant opportunity to ensure that we do not have to repeat the same experiences time and again, but to move forward in a spirit of goodwill and in a more determined way, from old, crystallised thinking, into a brighter future, to those alluring and evocative “broad sunlit uplands”.

The Power of Goodwill

As goodwill unfolds in the human family, it brings about “a revelation of the existent cleavages which distinguish the political, the religious, the social and the economic life of people everywhere.” Such is the potency of goodwill in the world today that the forces of progress and of vision appear in stark and real contrast to the separative forces arrayed against the tide and flow of evolution. The many profound issues of our time have probably never been clearer in the minds of thinking men and women of goodwill the world over. Humanity has come of age, the early dawn of infanthood, childhood and then youth, have been superseded by adulthood, not yet maturity and wisdom, but the first efflorescence of mind coloured with lighted spiritual understanding. It is interesting to consider that as human focus draws closer to the plane of mind with each passing year, so at the same time, it moves ever nearer to the sources of eternal light and unconditional love.

Right and wrong, the values of a culture of the soul, or the narrow and separative characteristics of the lower self, stand on the world stage cheek by jowl. Not without good reason then has this period been called the “age of restoration of what has been broken by the fall.” It is a precursor to an age in which beauty and reality will supersede ugliness and materiality. Each of us, individually and collectively, in our group environment, have an intrinsic part to play in this unfolding drama of planetary proportions.

Two Streams of Active Energy

Few would doubt that the forces of separatism are active, strident and at work in the world today. Their sleight of hand brings obfuscation, creates fear, and polarises society. Their threat is real and requires a determined, enlightened public opinion to offset their damaging and negative impact. Quite simply, there are “two groups, two objectives, two great formulated ideals, two streams of active energy and two rays predominantly in conflict, producing the differing ideologies” (paraphrased) resulting in the outer chaos in the world today. The two great forces – spirituality and materiality – face each other on the battleground of the world kurukshetra; and, like Arjuna, the robed charioteer in Hindu philosophy, humanity, the world disciple is sorely challenged to navigate its way through the smoke and din of battle, and to emerge, with a clearer perspective, in the unfolding radiance of the soul.

It is important then that the visionary group of servers in the world, and the countless millions of people of goodwill act in concert and without undue delay to offset a further crystallisation of materialism and a ‘solidification’ of ancient habits of thought, which run contrary to the law of evolution.

The Theory of the Evolution of Light underlies our very existence. It is the reason why life takes form. It brings about right relationships on inner and outer levels through the portal of the mind. The light of consciousness is revealing the grandeur of the ideas that are working their way through into the outer world. The tide is turning, a new dawn approaches, and today untold numbers of people stand for justice, freedom and truth. And, whilst, nothing ultimately can arrest the flowering of the spiritual life in the outer world, it can be delayed if the weight and direction of public opinion is not sufficiently orientated towards the light. The long shadow of separateness and division still partially obscures the light and countenance of the divine from shining in fuller measure upon the weary vale of earth. But, all is far from lost, humanity has faced far greater challenges in its long journey into the light. So, let us live every day, to ensure that a mantle of love and light enfolds humanity and that we move into an era of right relationships with all evolving lives.



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