The Turtle as a Metaphor for Humanity

Imagine a baby turtle lying in the wet sand, stuck on its back with its underbelly exposed to direct sunlight, terrified and frantically waving for help. Sometimes, life grabs everyone and flips each of us upside down. This seems to be the current chaotic state of human affairs on planet earth. Many normally calm and reasoned voices, people of goodwill, the world over are questioning what has happened to the human kingdom?

How did truth become an outdated idea? When did common sense become an absurd notion? Do we really believe that delusions are an upgraded replacement for decency? Or, that the noisiest and most violent voices amongst us hold an exclusive on righteousness? What is the collective measure of our sanity when unbelievable falsehoods overwhelm the global airwaves, are blithely accepted by millions, and we merely look away?

No wonder suicide rates amongst children and teenagers are now surpassing those of supposed adults. In today’s world it is not easy to be a human being; even more challenging indeed is to become an awakened human being.

When a friend or colleague speaks of “like draws to like” they are pointing out gently that the people we resonate to and surround ourselves with are reflections of our own consciousness. We are each a unique pool of low humming, vibrating thought.

When the waters of our mind are roiled and turbulent with fear-driven ideas then we draw to ourselves others of the same mind-set who reinforce this ideology. Conversely, when the waters of our mind are calm, stilled with the knowing of pure love and trusting in the guidance of Oneness, then we become radiations of light for our brothers and much-needed magnets of healing for those experiencing desperate times.

Each time we aid another, we strengthen and deepen our own pool of thought. Each time we aid another, we reaffirm love as the central pulse in this vast, great web of life which sustains all of us. And each time we aid another we expand the richness and the vitality of group thought. If you want to know your deeper self, take a candid look at where it is that you focus your attention and at how that focus expresses outwardly through your daily activities. You will then see your deepest and most cherished values.

If you value service, sharing, and a life dedicated to a richly spiritual journey then nurture patience, more patience, and the most patience. The sheer intellectual rigor and the corresponding emotional honesty required to obtain a mere foothold on the spiritual path will not happen in a fortnight. When it comes to this pathway of love it is not so much the ability to be frank as the capacity to hear and willingly receive frankness that is of truest merit. The cultivation of this capacity requires cleansing, perseverance, vulnerability, and patience!

What does any of the above have to do with an upside-down turtle stuck in the hot sand? Well, come with me to the water’s edge and we will discover together.

Let us ever so gently right the little-one, step back carefully, and watch as he hurriedly scampers towards the incoming waves. Consider how this ceaseless motion of ocean waters could easily symbolize the ever-constant vibration of all planetary life. See how the turtle leads with his head? Consciousness diving into the unknown deep. Notice how the thoughts of mind are supported by the steady beat of a strong and knowing heart. Consciousness at home in a world of rich sustenance, abundant diversity, and sheer wonderment.

The turtle’s home encloses his very being as he carries it with him wherever the fast-moving currents of life may lead. This little turtle knows himself to be a vital part in the great web of planetary life enfolding all.

Vibrating, pulsating planes of consciousness all manifesting in an endless myriad of living expressions of physical, earthly life. The turtle is always in his home, at peace, and content with his evolutionary existence.

The turtle instinctively understands the wisdom of three simple words: “make haste slowly.” This message of the turtle is given freely to all human beings with the eyes to see. Be at home. Slow and steady is best; slow and steady leads one rightly.

We human beings, by design, are imperfect. This is an intentional act of evolution and a generous gift from the Divine. Our human imperfections are rooted in the very freedom of our will. We are granted the freedom to make mistakes, shed tears, and learn through sorrows. We are also granted the freedom to celebrate, succeed, share, and dream new dreams. This is the promise and the possibility of growing through realizations, recognitions, and an ever-becoming living soul.

There is great power in freedom. It lies in the choices we each make. On the verge of a great dawn of sharing, Humanity can choose to grow together. Each of us can choose to join a group. All of us can become a lighted group of loving thought.

If you believe in the power of prayer and you resonate to the power of directed thought, then consider joining Triangles, a world-wide group of living souls, who add potency and powerful healing to group thought. Triangles members all over the world are committed to cleaning up the etheric web of ancient thought which encircles our planet and slows Humanity’s transition into an age of golden Light.

We, Humanity, are struggling mightily to awaken an elevated consciousness which honors the rights of every living being, shares equitably all natural resources, and honors the very sacredness of earthly existence. We have such a long way to go to reach this vision! Look around.

The women of Iran, the people of Ukraine, the doctors of Ethiopia, everywhere we look we see humankind’s mortal battle for equality, inclusiveness, brotherhood, and sisterhood. Yet, amid this age of protest and during this season of wars, we can ameliorate fears through intentional thought and directed healing to a reality where every human being becomes a vital part of the approaching global transformation and a recognized link in the great web of life.

True and enduring change begins within humankind’s hearts and minds, in other words: consciousness. Change consciousness, upgrade quality, recognize soul, and the reality of human existence changes profoundly. So, consider joining Triangle’s weekly webinar or World Goodwill’s monthly webinar. The whole world is invited and welcome to share.



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