Thinking with the Heart

“Great is the Mystery of Thought” and when thought begins in the heart we uncover the birthplace of joy.

Thinking with the heart is both an art and a science. Creative thought originating within the heart climbs upward onto the elevated planes of mind and discovers an applicable expression through directed consciousness.

Descartes’s famous line, “I think, therefore I am” is a thought-provoking response to Hamlet’s earlier inquiry “To be or not to be. That is the question.” Is not Hamlet really seeking the answer of how to be? Are we not each, by our very being, on a common pathway to becoming? How to become, through implemented thought, a clearer instrument of the Divine is the universal question.

When thought emanates from a foundation of all-inclusive compassionate Love and climbs upward onto the higher reaches of progressive ideas and eternal ideals we embark upon an evolutionary journey of growth, change, and transformation.

Throughout human history, the wisest and kindest voices have all pointed to this pathway. Patanjali, Buddha, the Christ, Yogananda, and many others have each challenged us to open our hearts and minds and explore a cosmic sea of creative thought. To discover for ourselves That which animates, informs, and lends real purpose to the tapestry of Universal Life, as well as the entirety of planetary life here on Earth.

Learning how to balance and dance in this loving synthesizing Light is humanity’s shared lesson and the destined inheritance of every living being. When we travel to Originating Source and seek within our own hearts, we discover quiet emanations of serene Joy. All questions are answered, all doubts assuaged, and all the many human fears converted by the healing grace of pure boundless Joy.

So, how do we learn? Where do we begin? How have others learnt? Where did they start? In a word, recognition.

Every great soul became great through a process of recognizing and becoming the embodiment of three essential truths. It is neither an easy nor quick process; and it is not achieved within a single lifetime.

Yet, it is a creative journey worth taking because it is the only travel available to mankind that guarantees freedom of growth into a compassionate, joyful heart; and liberation of mind into an all-encompassing recognition of the causal sacredness of All Life.

Meditation is the first step, because it inevitably leads into the first recognition: there is a hidden higher world of serene meaning which sustains all physical life.

This mysterious sustenance can be seen, heard, and experienced within Divinity’s infinite and sublime silence.

Recently, there has been an explosion of different meditative disciplines for both individuals, couples, and groups. Ever since the connective tissue of the World Wide Web began encircling our planet, every human being, anywhere in this world, can reach out, investigate, and participate in global group work. Two such well-known global groups are Triangles and World Goodwill. Both offer an easy introduction into meditation; and far-reaching insightful talks on the living world of meaning.

The highest calling in the human experience is the timeless call to service. It may manifest through science, education, religion, business, public service, or a wide-range of other fields. Yet, it is through the act of service that we begin to realize the second recognition: a Hierarchy of Beings, who have transcended human life, are guiding mankind steadily forward through service to all planetary life.

Eastern and Western thought have long disagreed on their names: some call these Higher Beings ‘Saints’ or ‘Masters’ or ‘Rishis’. Yet, it matters not the label. They exist to serve the evolutionary unfoldment of Living Purpose. As this recognition takes root within Humanity’s expanding heart, so too will the dawning realization of our collective role and of our anticipated contributions.

In today’s transitional world we are witnesses, as well as participants, to the tragic upheavals, chaotic changes, and even the expressions of goodness unfolding all around us on a daily basis. Any spontaneous expression of kindness is an awakening recognition of purpose. Every outpouring of support is a creative manifestation of inclusion, brotherhood. Each and all affirmations of faith are formulas of evolving thought; and any intentional goodwill voiced and acted upon is a synthesizing force encouraging consensus. We humans are not lost in darkness; we are only just beginning to recognize the power of Light.

Which brings us to our third recognition. Time-travelers between the Buddha, the Christ, and the Way of Tao will eventually walk together upon familiar terrain. An easy harmony with the Infinite and with Nature, the wisdom of non-attachment, and the freedom of compassion and willing service to all share a common bond: an awakened recognition of a Living Plan.

All over the world, there are signs of people awakening, realizing, and beginning to take right action. Harbingers of hope and visions of forward-looking optimism are being created by human thought and human heart.

As Humanity collectively embraces the world of higher meaning, the purpose of service, and the lighted path of a Divine Plan we will all bear witness to a vastly altered and utterly transformed world. When loving, compassionate energies begin to impress every creative thought then – and only then – will the timeless truth of “I am That, and That I am” become a universal reality.

Words, informed by the eternal verities, will one day cleanse the polluted etheric thought web of planetary life; connective, synthesizing tissues of vision will stand revealed in the resulting light of a new day. Yes, this is a far-off yet achievable goal. Right now, Humanity is locked in mortal combat with itself. One day, this will end. Pockets of nourishing light are already popping up all over this world as more and more thinking, intuiting people choose Life over greed; and relationships over power.

The visionary essence of Nelson Mandela captures the spirit of possibility and the enduring promise of Humanity’s destined transformation. A human being who outgrew violence and chartered a path forward with compassion and wisdom, he continues to serve mankind with words that embody the three recognitions.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone.” Inaugural Speech, 1994.

In a world presently overrun with dysfunction, confusion, and deep sorrow turn your attention to Those Beings who live to serve. Answer their call, join a global group. With determination in your heart and creative purpose lighting your mind, help to lead the way forward into a new life-affirming reality through meditation, willing and spontaneous service, and creative sharing. Life’s ‘thank you’ will be known through ever-unfolding energies of boundless and immortal Joy.



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