Thoughts of Scorpio

Reversing the life currents

After the gentle oscillation achieved by the balance of energies in Libra, the way is prepared for renewed effort in Scorpio. The consequences of choices made in Libra cause a reversal of the life currents, creating a time of reckoning and of reorientation in Scorpio. Esoteric teaching describes Scorpio as the great constellation which influences the turning point in the life of humanity and the individual human being (for one is the reflection of the other). This turning point is reached through repeated tests which penetrate right down into the physical, emotional and mental life, leaving no aspect of life undisturbed or unchecked. All must be brought to light—appraised in the light of mind—and this inevitably awakens memory.

Esoteric teaching describes an aspect of the expansion of consciousness through spiritual development which is “two-directional”. Not only does the increasing light penetrate upward to the higher levels of mind; it also penetrates downward into the hidden depths of the subconscious and the soul’s past experience. An inescapable fact of spiritual growth is that at some point in the soul’s evolution, when the mind has reached a relatively high level of development, the past rises up, demanding recognition. Then, in the words of Alice Bailey, “the memory aspect is evoked in a new and conscious manner and then every latent pre-disposition, every racial and national instinct, every unconquered situation and every controlling fault rises to the surface of consciousness and then—the fight is on.”

If this sounds alarming, it’s important to remember that the timing of the soul is perfect; it knows the readiness of its manifested appearance when administering its tests. The thoroughness of the testing in Scorpio is meant to assure that no matter what the disturbances in the outer life may be, the foundation of the seeker is stable and the spiritual orientation is held steady. Momentary failures of response might occur but we are reminded that when the mind is prepared to bear the effects of recognition and the capacity for acquiescence to truth, to reality, the keynote of Scorpio is Triumph. And, because the individual isn’t isolated from humanity but, rather, an intrinsic part of the whole, what is experienced by an individual is inevitably a component of universal experience. Thus, as we look at the present turmoil in the world, we can see that a process of remembering and reappraisal, of awakening to the karmic effects of past experience—particularly of all that remains unredeemed—Is now coming to light. For some, this is causing a shocking revision of history and a challenge to cherished beliefs and assumptions, but when viewed through spiritual principles, the present moment offers opportunity for reform and redress of past wrongs, for paying attention to what has been neglected, and to initiate a new, more humane and inclusive society.

Extremes ever meet in the Scorpio seeker, we’re told. The torment and turmoil provoked serve to evaluate the “progressive ability to ‘take the Light’”, as Alice Bailey expressed it. “The ancient glamour by means of which we have fabricated the untrue world in which we appear to live” is challenged by the inpouring light of reality, creating deep distress to the personal self, whether of an individual or of collective humanity. But if these tests are rightly handled, they clear the way for a reversal of the currents that propel the life, and thus the promise of the energies flowing through Scorpio is emergence, as expressed by its keynote:

Warrior I am, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

A profound gratitude is engendered when we contemplate the wisdom of the soul’s method of teaching.



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