Thoughts on Gemini

The ability to comprehend extremes:

Gemini is one of the most important zodiacal signs, according to the writings of Alice Bailey, because it’s the major symbol of duality.  The “bi-focal” world-view is deeply embedded in the human consciousness and acutely recognized in Gemini, which gives the sense of the dual nature of the human being —both human and divine.  The poignancy and aspiration of this recognition is summed up in the keynote for Gemini:  I recognize my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.

The sense of duality bestowed by Gemini reveals cleavages, but it also compels their resolution “into a fluid synthesis”, according to the writings of Alice Bailey, for Gemini is the sign of the divine Messenger, “able to comprehend extremes and relate them divinely to each other”.  The imagination plays a powerful role in being able to “comprehend extremes”, for it casts the creative faculty of the mind into a higher level of consciousness—the ideal—in preparation for its realization.  The imagination engages the picture-making faculty of the mind in envisioning the goal, thus preparing a place for its eventual realization in accordance with the law that “that which is not existent somewhere within our apparently complex planetary system cannot be imagined”…and, by implication, that which we can imagine must, under law, already exist, awaiting precipitation.

When this recognition is applied to the world today, in which the forces of separation sometimes seem overwhelming in their power to exacerbate divisions and strengthen the sense of “the other”, the imagination can be a powerful force for compassion.  It can serve as an antidote to cynicism and the easy option offered by focusing on discrepancies and charging hypocrisy.  The imagination can span chasms of cultural, racial, and religious differences by penetrating into the essential humanness we all share.  That is the essence of compassion, which is much greater than being able to “feel together”.  Compassion is a manifestation of the love of God, which is said to reach our solar system primarily through Gemini.  In pondering on why this should be so, we can gain insight into the beneficent act of being able to “comprehend extremes”:  to imagine “other worlds”, not only above but here below—the lives of our fellow human beings whose personal struggles may not be ours but which we can share through the heart’s capacity to enter into their worlds and to imagine the reality of their lives. 

The imagination is a powerfully invocative tool, and invocation is a central theme of Gemini.  At the time of the full moon of Gemini, spiritually oriented aspirants have the opportunity to invoke on behalf of humanity spiritual energies which they recognize as necessary for the unfolding Plan.  What is the aid we would invoke on behalf of humanity at this time?  And, further what are the changes that must be inaugurated by humanity for the salvaging of the other kingdoms which share our planetary Life? 

The spiritual energies generated over the cycle of the Aries, Taurus and Gemini full moons, through the mediation of the Buddha and the Christ, constitute an incredible potency awaiting release at the full moon of Gemini.  Now the role to be played by Humanity arises:  the providing of a channel created by the world’s meditating groups as they invoke divine Light and Love and the Will-to-Good to pour into the world.  Each of us on our own might quail before such a responsibility, but collectively and on behalf of humanity, the worldwide group of spiritually awakening human beings can unitedly focus such an appeal to the highest realms of our planetary Life.  “The aggregated aspiration, consecration and intelligent devotion of the group carry it to greater heights than would be possible alone”, Alice Bailey wrote.  We are assured that, through the concentrated effort of these groups, light and inspiration and spiritual revelation can be released in such a flood of power that it will work definite changes in human consciousness and ameliorate conditions in this needy world.   Let us work in meditation for this purpose.



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