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World salvage through sensitivity to spiritual impression

Pisces is the culmination, the omega point, in the flow of energies through the zodiac. The sense of universality developed in Aquarius produced the world server, preparing the way for the world Saviour in Pisces. Service in its highest sense is salvage, as expressed in Pisces’ keynote—I leave the Father’s home and turning back, I save. For much of the spiritual path, however, the compelling impulse is not to leave the Father’s home, but to return to it. Thus the keynotes of Pisces—bondage, renunciation and sacrifice—do their necessary work in awakening the recognition that life on Earth, in form, is imbued with purpose, and the desire to escape is illusory. Redemption, based upon the sense of relationship, is the capacity to mediate, and Pisces is the sign of the Mediator. Man is the macrocosm for the microcosm of the lower kingdoms in nature, because the human being contains the substance of all these levels of existence, making man uniquely suited to mediate between the higher and lower realms of Life.

The esoteric Science of Impression is the highest expression of mediation, Alice Bailey wrote. We’re reminded that we are all sensitive to impressions high and low; scientists, mystics, mathematicians, artists, humanitarians, and spiritual seekers are all susceptible to mental impressions. In its most essential sense, impression is “the placing of the magnetic aura at the disposal of humanity” in order to register human need and to discern where help is most needed. Building a bridge in consciousness which can span the subjective world underlying the world of external events and the inner world of Reality is a vitally needed service. The writings of Alice Bailey tell us that as the Science of Impression becomes a group practice, it will greatly facilitate release from those ideals and thoughtforms which hold humanity in bondage and prevent recognition of the ideals which must and will condition the New Age. This requires that we pay keen attention to world developments and endeavor to recognize the subjective causes underlying the events and tendencies expressing through human experience at this time. Striving to discern the causal level which lies behind the outer manifestation is no easy task, but it’s an area of great spiritual significance in this confusing, often troubling transitional era.

Interestingly, esoteric teaching affirms that all that IS is ever present. The subjective realm is inherently more real than the objective, but it requires inspired interpretation. In today’s world correct registration of impressions is greatly needed to discern the real from the false, the urgent and significant from the transient and superficial. We can’t remain locked in by cherished thoughtforms and ideals of the past to navigate the transition into a new age, for the conditions are too fluid and too new for established ideals to guide us. Perhaps that’s why some minds fall prone to theories of conspiracy and “alternative facts”. The internet is generating a miasma of theories which we must sort out by relying, as a deep sea diver depends upon a snorkel tube, on reason, common sense, and love to remain in touch with the oxygen of Truth.

I leave the Father’s home and turning back, I save. To those who would contribute to world salvage, the Ageless Wisdom presents the choice:

“He who faces the light and stands within its radiance is blinded to the issues of the world of men; he passes on the lighted way to the great Centre of Absorption. But he who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way.

“He faces towards the dark and then the seven points of light within himself transmit the outward streaming light, and lo! the face of those upon the darkened way receives that light. For them, the way is not so dark. Behind the warriors—twixt the light and dark—blazes the light of Hierarchy.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II, p. 15



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