Thoughts on Sagittarius

The quality of the hidden vision

In the continuum of Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, the energies of Sagittarius, the Archer, draw upon the balance of the scales in Libra and the courage of the warrior in the battle of Scorpio. After balance has been achieved in Libra and the depths have been plumbed by the stirring of memory in Scorpio, spiritual experience in Sagittarius must be anchored on the level plains of Earth, prior to striving to the summit in Capricorn. Depth and a profound “rootedness” must be achieved, and to this effort the soul returns again and again.

Every time the seeker comes under the influence of Sagittarius, Alice Bailey wrote, it’s for the purpose of orienting to a higher objective, refocusing towards a higher goal as the power of the soul’s directing purpose unfolds. Aspiration and direction, the keynotes of Sagittarius, propel the seeker towards the goal which for a long stage of the way remains only dimly sensed. This urge towards illumination–in esoteric terms “the quality of the hidden vision”—is sensed initially only as “something other”. There is a beneficent purpose in this, for it protects the seeker from making too rapid and superficial progress. No matter how sincere the seeker’s intention might be, nor how arduous the effort is manifested, the path is traveled step by step. And this is as it should be—must be—according to esoteric teaching. The exacting nature of spiritual development is expressed in the keynote for Sagittarius: I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.

If the incremental steps towards spiritual awakening were bypassed, the seeker would be deprived of essential lessons and insights which can be gained only through experience and experimentation. Constant recalibration is needed because the pull of the bypaths are many, and because, as a passage from The Secret Doctrine puts it, “the lonely, sore-footed Pilgrims, on their journey back to their Home, are never sure, to the last moment, of not losing their way, in this limitless desert of Illusion and Matter called Earth-Life.” On this arduous journey, too vast to be reckoned in terms of time, purity of motive must be repeatedly tested to avoid being led astray by astral phenomena or material objectives masquerading as spiritual practices. Promises of rapid spiritual development are alluring but deceptive, and “slow and steady wins the race” is a wiser plan.

Another value of the incremental approach is the opportunity to learn through trial and error and through compromise Perhaps this is why it’s advised, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” This approach is practiced by the most skillful legislators and consensus builders, and it can sustain all who strive for a better world. “So hold the inner vision steadily and have that long patience which endures through the lesser cycle, because the key to the greater cycle has been held with firmness” is the esoteric guideline. These words seem especially relevant to the urgency of humanity’s hope for a better world.

In this transitional era tectonic forces seem to have been unleashed, leaving in their wake a sense of being unmoored from the known and familiar, even as the future direction remains uncertain. For many there is fear and confusion, but there is also opportunity to bring more light into the world by those who can register the emerging vision which is seeking to manifest in greater clarity. “The quality of the hidden vision” is an esoteric description said to be inherent in consciousness itself, and group meditation is a vitally important way to contribute to the awakening of this capacity in human minds. Holding this opportunity for service in mind, let us work towards its achievement, guided by the keynote of Sagittarius: I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.



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