Thoughts on Taurus

A vision beyond all outer seeming:

Taurus is the symbol of desire, a deeply human driving force as well as an incredibly powerful field of spiritual energy. Will, power, and desire are all words which attempt to express one of the underlying causes of evolution, governed by a little understood aspect of divinity: the Will of God. The will to live, to persist, is the driving force behind all events, all progress, and all happenings in time and space, according to the writings of Alice Bailey, and thus a compelling power that we must understand.

For some 2500 years humanity has had the benefit of the Buddha’s attainment achieved under the bodhi tree in ancient India at the time of the full moon of Taurus, yet the human struggle with desire is ongoing and its transformation into aspiration, exemplified in the life of Christ, remains almost impossibly difficult to attain. Such is the power of desire, but a force that strong is surely a potency—a potential achievement—when managed and transformed into the spiritual will. Today this is becoming an urgent need, for the little human will is being evoked perhaps more than ever, as evidenced in the resurgence of dictatorships in numerous nations, the fear of a government imposed as a “super state”, the increasing assault on truth created by a global medium of communication, and the stiffening of the selfish human will to stand apart, separate, and “free”. Yet, one of the paradoxes of the spiritual path is that the transmutation of desire into the aspiration to conform to the will of God leads, in fact, to release from the ignorance of isolation and to perfect freedom. Inevitably, this realization is not universally acknowledged, and thus the human desire to maintain and strengthen the ramparts of the separated self stands in direct confrontation with the awakening of spiritually minded seekers to acquiesce to something much greater than self-interest.

Esotericism, Alice Bailey wrote, “is the art of ‘bringing down to earth’ those energies which emanate from the highest sources and there ‘grounding them’ or anchoring them.” All true esoteric activity produces light and illumination, she said. If esotericists would accept that they are charged with bringing light to bear on substance, a major step forward in the redemption of this planet would be taken. This is already intuited by scientists who are increasingly aware that the Earth is a living organism and that humans are the brain, the consciousness, of the planet. “We are Earth made aware of itself”, as one scientist has expressed it.

This act of awakening is beautifully expressed in the keynote of Taurus— I see and when the eye is opened, all is light. Much is coming to light now, heightening the sense of crisis but also indicating, to those who are striving to develop esoteric insight, that we have reached an auspicious moment in human evolution. The past year, in which so many human beings have experienced the pain of fear, grief and loss, has generated a growing demand for change. When old assumptions and goals have been shattered, little cracks open up which begin to let in more light. In the midst of destruction, the spiritual Eye can offer a glimpse of a new vision of life, of reality. What this light might be presenting for our recognition we cannot yet know for certain, but some indicators of this light that we can look for might be the sense of joy that transcends all outer seeming; the conviction—increasingly validated by science—that an “implicate order” binds all outer and apparently divergent manifestation in wholeness; and the assurance that love is the foundation of the universe.

So let us strive to develop a vision that sees behind all “outer seeming”, and thus help to create an invocative channel for the potent spiritual energies of enlightenment now pouring into the world at the full moon of Taurus. I see and when the eye is opened, all is light.



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