Triangles: A Path of Service

Triangles was launched in 1937, through the work of Alice Bailey, a profound spiritual thinker and writer, who wrote 24 books of esoteric philosophy, and whose influence and ideas have touched many thousands throughout the world in the last 100 years or so.

Many years ago during the world war, the work of Triangles was described as “a simple, vital process, expressed in the daily life, implemented by kind and loving hearts and motivated by a world vision of right human relations”. And, although the world has changed beyond measure since then, this broad, simple and magnetic vision still remains true.

There is a simplicity yet a depth to the work. Each day, three people visualise their triangle as part of a worldwide network, helping to release spiritual energies into the triangular energy field around the planet, so that it becomes a radiant and lighted conductor flowing with light and goodwill. In turn, these energies are instrumental in uplifting, in inspiring human consciousness and action, and in bringing about constructive changes for the good of the Whole. The work is completed in sounding the Great Invocation, a world mantram which helps to circulate spiritual energies throughout the Triangles network, and into receptive hearts and minds. The Invocation embodies the three major divine energies of will, love and light working out in the world today. It is the supreme purpose and responsibility of the human family to anchor these energies on the physical plane.

Triangles is helping to shape a new era, and to evoke the soul of humanity, so that spiritual principles and values play out on the world stage, through the power of focused and loving thought. Humanity is awakening to its profound responsibilities as a custodian of the planet. The dawn of a new age is upon us, Aquarian influences wax, crises abound, and humanity is entering uncharted waters, but when the storm clouds have passed, it will be better able to absorb the higher impulses, such as the constructive power of goodwill, that are working their way through onto outer levels.

Goodwill is the highest expression of love that humanity is able to demonstrate today. It is revealed through right relationships, through an ability to become increasingly aware of the many parts or lives that make up the greater Whole — divine, human or within the natural world. No person is an ‘island’. All have distinctive and individual expressions but share a common humanity, journey and goal. And, although there are as many paths to God as there are human beings, no path is better or worse than the other, just different, with its own peculiarities, idiosyncrasies and note. As human beings, we have our own unique dharma and karma, yet collectively we are an intrinsic part of the evolving human kingdom, the world disciple.

If it is to succeed, goodwill must have a mental, as well as a spiritual foundation. Spiritual, because this is the source, the fount from which it springs, the universal pool of energy. The formless worlds are a measure of the underlying blueprint or plan for the outer worlds, and their impressions are taking shape in the collective consciousness of humanity. Goodwill needs to work out in constructive and purposeful initiatives and projects. This can only be done when a mind or a group of minds are instrumental in carrying the vision through to address the underlying and deep seated problems in the world, today and beyond.

We would all probably concur that the human condition is a remarkable journey of self-discovery, of an inner and outer adventure, and progresses from a focus on the outer world of sensuous perception and experience, to a deepening awareness of the beauty, intricacy and subtle impressions of the inner worlds. One has only to consider the beauty and depth in philosophy, art, music and literature that carries us heavenwards to glimpse fleetingly the hand of God in all things. The human family through its growing spiritual creativity in consciousness acts as a vast bridge spanning and linking the inner and material worlds — the Kingdom of God and the other kingdoms of the natural world.

This work brings together people of goodwill from all over the world who link up each day in a spirit of love and service. As the network expands through the addition of new triangles, it becomes increasingly energetic with light and goodwill, and helps to anchor these energies more directly in human consciousness. At the same time the network becomes more embedded and intertwined with the material substance of the physical plane, and therefore in closer ‘proximity’ to human consciousness.

As we draw and evoke light and goodwill into the magnetic planetary etheric field each day, the relationship between the Christ, the Hierarchy and Humanity is reinforced. And each and every triangle plays its unique and indispensable part in the ongoing work of planetary service and renewal. Service is the outstanding contribution of the soul to the greater Whole and is described as “the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind”. So, what greater purpose can there be but to live a life and tread a path of service to the human family, to the unfolding Plan of God, and to those great illumined Souls who guide and inspire humanity. What greater joy can there be but to give back to the greater Whole that which we have taken from it in the course of our evolution, and learn to forever, serve.

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