Trust is a cornerstone in all relationships. Trust opens the doors into Synthesis. Yet, trust can be as illusive as a rainstorm on a hot, sweltering summer day. Contemplating how the presence of trust, or lack thereof, has defined Humanity’s evolutionary journey towards harmonic Oneness reveals just how far we have come and what remains to be done.

I could be wrong. After all, I am only a student. Words paint a picture that do not always capture true essence. Words sometimes fail to convey a deeper meaning. This is why the spaces are so important. If you sense deeper meaning in the spaces between these words, then consider their relevance in your own human journey.

As students of the sacred teachings, we are encouraged to explore the many layered aspects of Love and the multi-dimensions of Will in order to understand how these cosmic energies impact our planet and all living beings. Through examination of self, in relation to the greater whole, we soon realize that these universal energies metastasize into mental and emotional human forces. Depending upon the quality of thought and the purity of heart these forces will then be used for good or for evil. Within the delicate blending of these forces, lies the dynamic of trust.

The undeveloped, the average, and the above-average human being all struggle with the role of trust in their daily lives. As small children we are taught to trust our parents and a varied host of authority figures. As young adults we tend to rely on national leaders to resolve social issues and maintain a civil society; and within the many international forums the different cultures and nations are uniformly expected to trust each other as they all work towards a productive end. Does human history really support this assumption of trust? Or, does history reveal a canvas painted with unmet moments, often darkened by suspicions and separateness?

What is the role of trust in our collective progress towards a better tomorrow? Why is trust so crucial in relationships? Where does trust fit into global group efforts seeking to widen the reach of Love and Will which are equally foundational to all expressions of brotherhood, justice, and goodwill?

With our first human breath, we enter this world and submit to an ingrained generational pattern of upbringing designed to affirm separateness and promote differences. We appear independent of, and yet remain dependent upon, others. As years slide by, a wide range of objectified events reinforces this belief in separateness, specialness, while simultaneously invoking within us a compelling desire to test the bounds of freedom.

We join the larger world and discover that everyone around us is also searching, measuring, and shaping their reality based upon a premise of individuality–separated from others. In western cultures, we are trained to excel at ambition, competition, and compartmentalization. Assigning specific derogatory labels further entrenches this mind-set in the national psyche.

Careers are made when problem-solving is achieved through critical thought. Only the logical gains traction in this reality; the unseen etheric and the mystical unimagined remain the domain of artistic temperaments.

In the odd moment, when we are called upon to include, to share, to assimilate, we often lack the natural skills found in a spontaneous, wholistic heart; and confusion abounds. Nevertheless, we rise to the challenge in careful, measured ways. Yet, a shadow of discontent takes up residence in our mind. Something sensed, something illogical and unknowable, is missing.

Anyone with a joyful heart, could identify this moment. It is the silent whisper of transcendent life, Wholistic Life. Elevate trust and see with new eyes: No longer is the true measure of an individual personal, positional, or locational. Trust becomes the deep well of goodness, richness to be found in all life’s moments. Life is no longer separate and linear; Life is whole and circular. Love is not temporal and conditional; Love is universal and sublimely boundless. Will is not finite and material; Will is eternal and spiritual. We are fragments of lit stardust, swimming in a cosmic sea of Light, in possession of immeasurable gifts intended to elevate all mankind onto higher planes of reality.

Trust is an intuitive skill developed through this blended merging of heart and mind which now sees Life in wholes. Trust is present when the heart sees Synthesis and an unassailable light of knowing floods consciousness. The entire being vibrates with a fresh sense of wonderment and the vision is complete. The heartbeat of One Life pulsates throughout all diverse manifestations of form. Diversity is the Creator’s impulse of wholeness.

Consciousness knows intuitively that shedding is a necessary release. Sorrow, pain, laughter, pleasure, anger, fear, and shame are life’s learning moments which are visited upon us all. It is okay to let go of the past. Life lives in the eternally changing NOW. It is also okay to give up problem-solving to create a summer peace garden. Mother Nature and your neighbors will thank you. It is alright to identify with the whole and change your definition of self. Separate from becomes a part of, a necessary and vital part of something much greater. This is the evolutionary wind of change now encircling and soaking into all planetary life.

Intuitive thought expresses through a spontaneous heart and transforms a separated individual into a fully connected human being whose identification becomes one with the whole. Empathy, sharing, understanding, brotherhood, inclusiveness, are the very breath of life. Trusting in the soundness of the Whole draws forth the intuitive goodness which lies hidden within all moments. The rich tapestry of etheric group light which underpins and supports all outer relationships in the manifested world stands revealed.

When consciousness becomes immersed in this reality of existence then heart, mind, and trust work in harmonic synchronicity to support the cosmic energies of Will and Love. The lesser is uplifted by the Greater.

As more and more members of the human family grow into this larger, all-life encompassing view of trust then human relationships will be seen through new eyes. A newborn’s innocence will be recognized as the radiant light of an incarnating soul. A friend’s difficulties will become shared learning steps of growth. An enemy’s aggression will unmask their intrinsic fear of alienation, seeking a sense of security which only connectedness can provide.

A nation’s fall from grace will be seen as cleansing, the needed pyrrhic prelude before newness. Tensions and turmoil prepare life for the incoming energies of a different tomorrow. Whether in national or individual life, crisis is timely tension, the tension of necessary change. Cooperation will one day replace competitiveness, union will finally supplant separateness, and diversity will triumph over divisiveness. Ambitions will find better days ahead through creative community events.

These ideas are not born of a yearning for Shangri-la. These are the words of one awakening who sees millions of others awakening to purpose and meaning in the processes of Life beyond the ideology of separation.

The earthly time allotted to each soul remains a deep mystery. Some human beings live for many decades while others shine briefly; and then are gone. Each and every moment of life is precious. Make of it what you will. Will yourself to use heart and mind to trust in the wonderment of all life’s moments.

In a world caught up in extremes, often darkened by evil, trusting in the essential goodness of life requires intuitive thought, an inclusive vision, and a receptive heart.

Forgiveness and justice are not mutually exclusive concepts. When facing evil, disarm it with understanding. Justice and accountability will follow. When facing goodness, celebrate with shared gratitude. These are small building blocks in a new global attitude for mankind that is being constructed by each one of us.

We all live in an actual world of Oneness: One God, one planet, one human race, one family of Life. The more people everywhere who can really see with these new eyes, the sooner a lasting peace will reign. The kind of enduring peace that “passeth all understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the Eternal. There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as one.” These words can be found in Alice Bailey’s book, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. 1, p. 359.



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