Unexpected Opportunities

Unexpected opportunities for focussed collective change are thrust upon the whole of humanity in times of crisis. 

Change is something we should be able to handle. We live in a global system where there is continual change, where light follows darkness, summer follows winter, where tides come and go, and we ourselves have to adapt to the on-going changes associated with ‘the seven ages of man’. 

Many are happy with change; it stimulates challenges, offers opportunities. Others find it difficult; it destroys accustomed patterns, undermines security, disturbs and frightens. But all know we must come to terms with it, for we are in a unique period of change now with the arrival of an unknown virus that as yet knows no boundaries. This unique current crisis is worldwide and is occurring with incredible speed because of the nature of our global lives. 

In our ‘instant’ age of connectivity, there is no lingering. This means that we are being exposed to severe new pressures both physically and psychologically. We are being called to adapt to drastic changes in attitudes, values, and inner and outer relationships. To meet this stress on our very substance we are being called to rapidly change our individual consciousness and collective group consciousness. 

At present there is a widespread search for a counterbalance that will give stability and a sense of proportion in a time of not-knowing. Mindfulness and meditation practices are attracting a large following worldwide. There is a rising awareness of the need for better understanding and more wisdom as the demands of these social and economic changes are managed. Change we are realising has a discipline of its own, it stretches far beyond acceptance and adaption. It calls for the perception of the soul’s wisdom to be actively applied in situations and relationships so that we can come alive to the livingness of the proverb which says “Times change and we change with them”. But how we change is not automatic, which is a thought worthy of consideration. 



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