Spiritual Perspectives: A Search for Truth

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Sceptics might ask, are spiritual perspectives relevant in an era of scientific materialism? To this question, others may add, will they help us make sense of an often chaotic world? Or, perhaps, will they aid us in finding a meaning to life and in navigating our way through the complex maze of human living? These are philosophical questions that stretch the imagination and capacity of even the finest minds of each age. And, whilst, none of us can claim to have reached the noble heights of such towering figures of today and yesteryear, the search for truth is a common quest for each and all.

Fortunately, there are some thinkers in the scientific, and other communities, that question the orthodox approach of science in understanding the fundamental questions of human existence. And, it may be that science, philosophy and religion will at some point in the not too distant future begin to stand on common ground. It is not inconceivable that each can learn from the other. It is probable that only through their interaction and cooperation will a truer understanding of life emerge. In the meantime spiritual perspectives help to bridge the divide between the orthodox and the progressive, and to add their contribution to the ‘enlightened’ schools of thought that seek to fuse the various sciences into a coherent whole.

Out of a synthesis of apparent disparate elements will emerge a common thread, firmly embedded not on material levels, but on those planes of consciousness where mind and soul are inextricably linked, the divine prototype, the blueprint of a new civilisation and culture. A growing number recognise that without fanfare a new world is dawning, incrementally and unalterably.

We need to think out of the box more, and to consider that the ‘spiritual’ can be just as relevant in science, politics and business, as in religion. If the end result is for the common good and it has an ethical framework, then the ‘spiritual’ can embrace all aspects of life, and not just religion. This integrated approach helps to join up the dots and to synthesise the spiritual and the material. It is the separation between the two that has led to the present world unrest? When all work in harmony, and not against each other, great things can be accomplished.

Spiritual perspectives are ways of looking at unfolding events from a holistic viewpoint. Perspectives are coloured by the prism through which we view the world. For each one of us, this differs. It is dependent on the measure of our own consciousness. Our perspectives are the signatures of our lives. More often than not, they mark the boundaries of our consciousness, the summit of our understanding. They define us. They can be a force for good, or otherwise. They can inspire and uplift, and act as a revealing and releasing agent when based upon truth, but they can also distort and manipulate. Moreover, they attempt to analyse the intricate spiritual patterns that colour the outer world and to reflect on the possible solutions to the vexing global problems. They offer a holistic worldview. Nothing exists in isolation, and every part, great or small, is an essential element in the rich tapestry of life. Above all, spiritual perspectives are a journey towards truth.

It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that there are as many opinions or perspectives in the world as there are people. They are based upon a multiplicity of factors, such as upbringing, education, environment, racial and religious predilections, and of course our own state of consciousness, wide or narrow, or deep or shallow. An opinion touches the thinking of others and therefore its delivery carries with it responsibility. Will it bring healing and reconciliation in its wings or discord and disharmony? Will it be constructive or destructive? These, and other factors, are perhaps some of the questions that we should reflect on when offering our views.

The collision of ideas, spiritual and material, is a testament to the deep soul searching in many quarters of human life.

A Thoughtform of Solution

Few would doubt that we live in increasingly tumultuous times. The causes of human and world problems are sadly all too often concealed beneath multi-faceted layers of crystallised and erroneous thinking. It is not easy to unravel the deep-seated prejudices that cast a long shadow over reality. To incisively pierce through the glamours of wrong thinking is challenging.

Spiritual philosophy observes that the mind can act as ‘a searchlight of the soul’ and therefore as a focused power for good. It can also act as ‘the slayer of the real’, distorting our thinking, binding us ever closer to the material world, and eclipsing spiritual reality. Over the last few centuries, the creativity of the human mind, which in the coming 2000 year period will reach unprecedented development, has enriched the world with progressive and forward looking ideas. These developments in legislation, political movements, economic models, scientific achievements and institutions generally serve the common good. Yet, at the same time, in some quarters at least, selfish and separative agendas try to hold back the onward sweep of evolution.

It is all too easy to succumb to the negativity of the world, and to feel overwhelmed by the monumental problems around us. But humanity has the capacity to rise above the fray, to reach new heights of awareness and creativity, so that long standing problems can be addressed in fuller measure. In a well informed, educated and forward-looking population, the seeds of a stable and ordered society flourish.

The Soul of Humanity is Awakening

However, the propensity of the mind to misrepresent, and to obfuscate for selfish purposes, is an increasingly worrying trend. With the advent of the internet misinformation can spread rapidly affecting many millions of people. These distorted worldviews have been somewhat magnified through the burgeoning power of social media. And, although efforts are underway to achieve some measure of mitigation to offset some of the gross inaccuracies, yet more needs to be done in order to arrive at a destination where the quest for truth is the treasured goal.

Social media is but a vast, collective repository of human thought, desires, ideas and aspirations both good and not so good. How, then, are we to make sense of the plethora of opinions, facts, truths, partial truths and downright lies which impact us daily? The only yardstick in reality is the voice of our own conscience, ‘the whispers of the soul’. Do we resonate with the facts, values, and principles that are shared through the written and spoken word? Do we empathise with the opinions expressed? Do they measure up to our expectations of not only what is fair, reasonable and balanced but do they also speak of the common good, the good of the whole, of the many not the few? These are perhaps some of the criteria on how we should measure and appraise opinions. Above all, it is truth, and truth alone that should govern our thinking.

Truth is the touchstone that should direct our moral compass, our perspectives on life.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to suggest that the realm of ideas is the new frontier of human creativity, discovery and achievement. If so, prolonged, focused thinking, or meditation is the key to unlock the majesty of a new culture and civilisation of spiritual values and ethics. Does not humanity deserve better than the outdated and obsolete ways of thinking and action that have characterised the affairs of the world for so long and which are not really fit for the twenty first century and beyond? There are now a growing number of intuitively inclined thinkers, whose motive is for the good of the many, and not a select few.

The pioneers and visionaries of the race have always faced considerable opposition to views that run counter to the status quo. But, today, there is one difference. There are in the world an increasing number of thinkers who collectively see the broad and not so distant outlines of a new world in the making. And, in reality, nothing can impede the birth and flowering of an idea, and of a stabilised spiritual future, whose time has come.



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